All Hail HBO, the Cable Killer! HBO GO officially going standalone!

HBO has been muttering about maybe transforming its HBO GO video streaming service into a Netflix-like standalone product for several weeks now, but nobody thought it would happen this quickly. But today, HBO Chair and CEO Richard Plepler made it official: HBO is cutting the cable cord and making HBO GO subscriptions available a la carte to the general public starting next year.



Plepler notes there are 10 million American households with broadband internet but no cable service, and he wants to reach those potential customers. Cable providers have got to be pissed because HBO is making it so much easier for more customers to go in that direction.

HNTP is excited for the coming era when nobody has cable and we all just pick and choose which individual streaming services we want to subscribe to. HBO may be moving faster than expected in that direction because competition is already popping up. Sony and Verizon are already making deals to start their own respective online streaming “networks.”

HBO has a bunch of sister networks in the Turner family, including TBS, TNT, and the Cartoon Network. It remains to be seen if these networks will start offering their original fare exclusively through HBO GO and not Netflix/Hulu/etc. Certainly pulling them all together into one streaming service would make the standalone product that much more appealing to customers.

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