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It’s time for Anarchy at the Movies, where your host Joshua the Anarchist looks at (relatively) new releases. In this installment, a great light has gone out in the universe: it’s the fans’ hopes for a good Green Lantern movie!

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  • Thomas Stockel

    Great review, and it summed up pretty much how I felt about the movie when I finished watching it: indifferent.  Watching this reminded me that yeah, there was some great stuff in there amongst the crap.

    I don’t get why some people don’t like the Earth aspects in Thor.  I found the scenes funny, I liked the characters, and I thought the action sequences with The Destroyer were awesome.  And gosh darn it, we got some awesome Agent Coulson moments, didn’t we?

    How could Green Lantern have been better?  1) ditch the super hero origin formula.  I think maybe if the movie had started out with Hal as Green Lantern and his origin was told via flashback that could have worked.  Have the movie showing Hal and Sinestro dealing with a major threat, perhaps exploring the reason why Abin Sur died.  Then you have a good reason why the flashbacks are occurring.  2) Have the story be about Sinestro’s fall from grace.  You nailed it, Tom Strong is this movie’s greatest asset.  Having a film show Sinestro go from respected and admired Green Lantern to outcast would have been awesome.  In the comic it is revealed he is a despotic ruler on his world.  What if Hal, who had been trained by Sinestro, discovers the Green Lantern he admired all this time is essentially Space Stalin?

    • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

      Sorry to single out a single comment here, but the action sequence with the Destroyer is what turned me off of Thor.  The Destroyer is not a slow, lumbering piece of metal, it’s a God-Killing Machine with speed to match Eternals and a Ray Blast to atomize the Hulk.  It’s created for the single purpose of destruction and is portrayed as a tin can, that to me bothered me greatly.  That’s the Destroyer fanboy talking so I must’ve had different expectations than most but if you introduce such a beast into your universe it’s going to take a pretty remarkable way to beat such a thing.

      • CDiehl

        I think I get what you’re saying. The thing you’re describing sounds like something that could make a worthy adversary for an entire Thor movie. I would say using it just as a vehicle to get Thor back to being a god ruins that part of the movie, not that it ruins the whole thing. If anything ruins the movie as a whole, it’s that they shoved a way more exciting story into the backstory at the beginning; I’d kill to see a movie of Asgard fighting Jotunheim, and I want to see Thor become the arrogant fool that needs to be humbled that we didn’t get in the movie they made.

        • Thomas Stockel

          Russel and CD, I guess I am not a huge Thor fan, comic book wise, so the liberties the writers and director took with things like The Destroyer did not bother me much at all.  Besides, The Destroyer is a boring antagonist.  It is essentially a magical Hulk.  Yes, it is fueled by the soul of some poor bastard but it sounds like that sort of movie would have been ninety minutes of Thor bashing it with his hammer.

          • Sofie Liv

             Ninety minutes of Thor bashing a huge big ass unstoppable robot with his hammer sounds like an surprisingly good movie..

            Well, I went in exspecting to hate Thor with a capital H, because I always disliked the Marvel thor.. because I am danish and grew up with the old-school norse mythology and all that, and let me tell you, Marvel thor has NOTHING to do with the old school norse mythology.. and I walked away liking the movie and crushing really badly on Chris Hemsworth AND Tom Hiddlestone.

            And you know, it’s nice as a girl to go into these movies and be allowed to go crazy in crush’s.. sigh the Avengers.. Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddlestone, Chris Evans… Robert Doweny jr..

            <3  :3

            Who's bright idea was it to turn people as "Shia Lebouf." into the new gennerations action heroes any-way? why did I have to deal with such lousy material for five years while my mom got freaking Harrison ford. Thank goodnes for Chris Hemsworth so I can drool on a real man instead of have to make due with what twilight and whats not puts out -_-;

            Random, sorry, bottom line, I like Thor, and it may be because of Chris Hemsworth and his killer smile.

          • Thomas Stockel

            I’m a heterosexual male and even I can see why women gush over Chris Helmsworth.

            I don’t know how Shia keeps getting work.  He is not that athletic, not that handsome, and his acting chops do not really impress me.  I think he got his part in the Transformer movies because he seemed like the everyman and I can understand that I suppose.

            And hey, at least you got Jason Statham there, the one bright spot in the darkness. :D

          • Sofie Liv

             Jason Statham.. no, don’t get me wrong, no one can spit out sentences and look as hardcore as he does. But he doesn’t have quite the same charisma as mr. Hemsworth.

            I love how when I am with a bunch of girls I only have to say. “Chris Hemsworth was hot in Thor.” and every-body just grows quiet, smiles weirdly as their eyes go all distant. See that’s a real sex idol.

            I havn’t even seen Twilight fans having that reaction towards Robert Pattinson, but every woman, consequently, have that exact reaction towards Chris Hemsworth.. Thank god we finally got a Chris Hemsworth, Now put him in a shit ton of movies dammit!

            Chris Evans is also adorable in all the Avengers related movies.. which is funny because I genuinly felt repelled by him in Fantastic four, that just shows that character charisma actually counts for us girls, I could not like the ass-hole Jonny Storm was portrayed as, I was just repelled and wanted to kick him. Then I saw Cap America, and now I can’t hate him :3

          • i always thought it would be hilarious if matt smith and jason statham did a skit together for Britains “Children In Need” telethon, where the Smith Doctor regenerates into Statham. Imagine the sort of doctor hed be, lol.

          • Liam Barrett

            I once legit started a petition to get Statham to be the next Doctor. I’d still like to see it, frankly.

          • Cristiona

            I think this right here is why the recent Marvel movies have been such a success.  They’ve stopped caring about using stars to draw audiences and have started picking their leads based on how well they can do the role.  I’d rather see someone I’ve never heard of, but who freaking nails the role, playing Thor or Captain America as opposed to some jackass big name who ruins it.

            Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth being so swoon-worthy certainly helps, but they’ve both got charisma in spades.  Even when Thor was being a petulant jackass, he didn’t come across as a jerk, he came across as… well… cliche as it is, he came across as a guy who just needed a little fixing…

          • Sofie Liv

            Well both the Cap, Thor and certainly Tony Stark are supposed to be kind of good looking, so you would need good looking actors X)
            And yeah, I agree compleately, I am voting for more unknowns! When I see Jonnhy Depp in a movie now, no matter how it turns out, all I will see is Jonny Depp. So I can’t get into the illusion.
            When I saw cap America.. i did not recognise Chris Evans, so I bought he was Cap America.

            What makes Marvel movies succeed are they are simple and solid, never trying to be to smart to quick and quite clearly has been “foundation movies.” for some-thing bigger, which is what is coming next.

            Which is only good, when you have a franchise, the first movies job is just to be a good foundation and hook, it’s the “Pilot episode.” of a movie franchise, you cannot make it into the ellaborate sequel to soon. And well, it’s also all about just concentration on THIS movie, you are doing right now, instead of focuing on the next and the franchise, that’s stupid, and DC does it all the time.

            So well, solid and concentrating on what it is doing as it does it, that’s why.

          • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

            Sofie I have an idea…Chris Hemsworth in a He-Man movie as He-Man.  Think that’d be a good idea?

          • Sofie Liv

             You and you He-man stuff.

            I never grew up with He-man, never saw any-thing that had any-thing to do with He-man, I have no feelings towards He-man other than he looks kind of gay in that costume of his, so I really don’t have any feelings towards the matter.

          • Muthsarah

            They should totally do that.  AND make He-Man gay while they’re at it.  Play to decades of jokes by running straight (hee!) at them, stir up controversy using the “how am I supposed to explain this to my children” community, and make their mark on Hollywood with the first openly gay big-budget brand name superhero movie.  It’s not like you’d have to change the character.  As sanitized as those cartoons were (no Adam/He-Man/Teela tension even), he could totally have been gay.  As long as they still take the character seriously and not make him camp it up, it would be totally worth it.

          • Muthsarah

            Shia LeBeouf as an everyman is a bit of a stretch.  As an everygeek, that’s a little closer.  I think Michael Bay was under the impression that – and I realize RLM said pretty much this exact same thing about TPM – in order for young male geeks (which were still the big target audience when the first movie came out) to identify with the hero, the hero would have to BE geeky himself.  And it doesn’t work that way, as male geeks would probably try to identify with whatever hero they put on screen, no matter if he has perfect abs or long, flowing hair, or…a steely gaze…that just….

            Anyway, I doubt the guys would care much just how the lead looks, and the better-looking (and more personable and talented) he is, the more crossover sex appeal he’s gonna have, and the better the movie’s gonna do.  Not that Shia’s bad-looking, but he still has a strong boyish quality, and his appeal seems mostly limited to the younger girls (and Twilight totally stole that thunder anyway).  He has no chance against either beefcake (Helmsworth), golden boy (Evans), or snarky, naughty sophisticate (Downey).  Even the shy, genuinely geeky (but dark and tormented) Bruce Banner is a much more compelling character, for those who prefer a Simon to a Mal.  And this crossover appeal is a huge reason why these movies are as popular as they are – girls like eye candy too.

          • Sofie Liv

            And it’s ironic that in Transformers indeed got little Megan Fox and in the third movie that foto-model I can’t remember the name of, while we girls got exactly zip. Maybe perfect military guy, but no.. didn’t feel it.

            Now, a movie is not supposed to be judged by its sex appeal, of cause it is not!
            But when Bay so clearly tried to sell it with sex appeal any-way and left the entire girl population flat-handed, he just fails even more. 

            And yeah, Labouf stacked up against any of the avengers.. haha, that’s funny.
            You even forgot Jeremy Renner whom is also attractive in the movie.
            And well, There’s a lot of girls swooning over Tom Hiddlestone to at the moment.

            So what can we learn from this? Nope, women do not want  the beef packed Exspandables deal. We want the interesting vibrant Avengers characters where the people have charisma, makes us laugh, and can be adorable.

            And Thor seems like a very likeable character all through Thor, Chris Hemsworth got a killer smile which just lights up the screen and a certain glint in his eye that makes girls squeel.
            And he is never a real jerk in the movie, he never violently pushes people aside, he never yells into peoples faces, he listens and he asks questions, he actually have manners, he is just a little arrogant from time to time and made some stupid decisions, which he even works to fix, so well.. he is a nice guy whom had some miss-conceptions through out the movie, and just ridicoulesly likeable.

    • CDiehl

      I agree that they should have dropped the origin story as the focus of this movie. They can just drip-feed parts of the backstory into the movie, and if they make sequels, add more later. However, if they were so determined to do an origin story, I would have made the sequence of Jordan being trained on Oa different. Since the Power Ring is able to create anything the wearer imagines, I would have expected the training to focus on developing the new Lantern’s mind and creativity so he can choose and build the right tool on the fly. Also, instead of having the biggest bruiser of a Lantern throw Jordan around like a ragdoll, couldn’t they have that little mosquito-like Lantern train the new guy? This should be like the OT version of the Force, where size is irrelevant next to will and belief.

      I also agree that making Sinestro’s fall the story would have been a better idea. I would add more story to the idea of him being a tyrant on his own world. I imagine Sinestro became leader of his world with the permission of the Guardians, as being so high-profile would be atypical of a Lantern. They believed that Sinestro’s people were very unruly and chaotic, and needed a strong hand to bring order. Unbeknownst to them, Sinestro let the power go to his head and became a cruel tyrant ruling through fear, despite his image among Lanterns being a paragon of the Guardians’ teachings. Similarly, Hal Jordan has become a celebrity on Earth as Green Lantern. The Guardians think that humans are like Sinestro’s people, and are considering suggesting Jordan do as Sinestro did and establish himself as ruler of Earth. Jordan visits Sinestro’s world, which no other Lanterns even thought to do (they all trust him), and finds the people there are frightened of him because he is dressed like Sinestro. He also finds out they used to regard him as their greatest hero, like Jordan is back on Earth. Jordan manages to inform the other Lanterns of what happened, that Sinestro perverted their ideals for his own power. They oust Sinestro from power, strip him of his ring and lantern and exile him. He meets Parallax and is given the yellow Power Ring, which he uses to dominate primitive worlds to enhance his own power; since he can’t be a god on his own world, he’ll be the devil on others.

      • Thomas Stockel

         That sounds like a far superior movie to the one we got.  By the way, in the new Green Lantern animated series there is supposed to be an episode where Hal gets his ass handed to him by Ch’p, the squirrel alien.  I saw the clip on Topless Robot a few weeks back: priceless. :D

  • You didn’t like Thor? D:

    •  I liked Thor fine, I just thought the earth scenes and the Asgard scenes didn’t contrast well.

  • Tim Terrell

    I liked this movie.