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Now equipped with an alien ring, the Cinema Slob heads to Chicago’s sci-fi convention Cyphan, to get help from the only man who knows comics, the Last Angry Geek! It’s a fitting end to Superhero Month, and the first proper “crossover” from the Slob.

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  • Thomas Stockel

    Fun review.  I didn’t hate the movie but I didn’t love it, either.  I was essentially indifferent to the film.  I think it really needed a serious re-write to make Hal’s character more heroic and less whiny and to make him more consistent.  And little things like Ferris Aircraft’s drone project.  Would they really use their own pilots to fight the drones?  Wouldn’t the Air Force want their own people taking them on?  Just little things like that annoyed me.

    • Zachary LaVoy

       This review was a lot of fun to do. I had met Brian “The Last Angry Geek” at Chicago Comic-Con and then again at C2E2 earlier this year. When I decided to do a super hero movie theme month, I knew I had to cap it off with something special, so I contacted him and he was very sweet to agree to the crossover and put up with my very amateur shenanigans.

    • Sofie Liv

      Yeah, I all-ready made a review of this film.. which is the worst video I have posted on this site.
      But as I stated earlier, I really think the greatest shame about this movie is the wasted potential in the dynamic between Hall, Carol and Hector, I mean really, the potential for these three and their dynamic was so big.

      Hectors fall into villainess could have been so great if we had spend time on it. If we had taken the time to see things from Hectors point of view.

      Hector! the big genius in this, the guy who is reliable, down to earth, does every-thing in his power to archieve greatness in the area he is good at, the sciense department, and even those so, is always there, graving acknowledgment. But still.. every-body loves Hall.

      Hall, the unreliable daredevil, risk taker, the guy whom is every-thing Hector is not, and every-body loves him so much for it, taking every-thing Hector is working so hard on archieving. There’s story right there.

      And to top that off, Hall is taking the girl to! We have established Hall was a shitty boy-friend and that’s why they broke up. If we just had that scene, showing Hall breaking it off with Carol yet again due to his unreliability and her calling in Hector, because he is always so reliable to her, we could have established so much.

      And well, while Hall is every-thing Hector is not and Hector wished he could be. We could actually with these character turn it around and say, Hector is also every-thing Hall is not and Hall wished he could be, if we just had scenes exploring all of this stuff, it could have been so damn great.
      But nope!

      Hector just appears, out of no-where, no introduction nor explanation of character nor relationship to any-one. gets infected, shares one scene with Hall at the half-way mark of the movie.. where their very short dialouge is the first real hint these two even have a shared back-ground story.. and then of cause the ending monoloug about. “Ahaha Hall! you always thought you could get the better of me didn’t you? but at last, I GOT THE POWER!”… yeah.. Hector.. that would have been a hell of a lot more effective if the audience had be told you two even had a shared history, the movie never spends time on it.
      And well, if the movie had taken the time to show Hector before the effecting doing nice self-sacrifcing things for Hall and Carol, that may sting and frustrate him, but not be creepy, it could have helped empathising the tragedy of his character and gone to explain that after the infection he siezed to be himself and became a slave to the bitter emotions the infection feeds on, that he before-hand could choose not to react to, but now is a slave to.
      And then ofcause, Hectors entire story arch is just dropped directly on the floor as the space-monster enters, out of almost no-where.. these are two villains plots very poorly mashed together, in fact.. yeah.. it does feel like two compleately different movies very poorly mashed together -_-;

      And yeah, Hall realising that he has left Hector out like that without even realising it, and then regret it, realising the error of his ways, could have been his big redeaming character arch where he learns some-thing, but nope. “Face your fear, and take responsibility!” even though.. Hall sort of ran away from the green lantersn core after one single day of failed training, thus sort of pushed away responsibility without that aspect never to be brought up again.. :/

      Sorry for the rent, always awesome when people get to do cross-overs with great people :)

  • Honestly, I really hated this movie, and it wasn’t because I didn’t know the story of Green Lantern or because I hated the special effects. Yeah, the special effects weren’t good, but they didn’t completely ruin the movie for me. What ruined it for me was…well…

    I. Shallow characters (Carol is the standard copy/paste love interest, and Hector was barely given any development at all beyond “scientist/professor of some sort who hates his daddy and loves Carol.) 
    II. Bad acting (the only line in the movie I could take seriously was Carol’s line about the mask. Which was, admittedly, hilarious.)
    III. Hal Jordan (I could rant about him for ten minutes, but suffice it to say that I didn’t buy that a whiny, self-absorbed ass with about as much common sense as a garden vegetable got to be the bestest Green Lantern of all time. And, he trained at being a superhero for a whole two or three hours before giving up, which does -not- speak much for his will, so…why did the ring choose him instead of, say, some martial artist who had the perseverence to train his butt off for twenty years? Or, heck, a college student who can study for his difficult tests without dropping his books and crying to mommy every few minutes? Also, everyone else who so much as got near Parallax before got killed or wounded, so how come Hal could fly right through Parallax’s mass without any trouble at all?)
    IV. Bad writing (the dialogue in this movie is either atrocious or so badly spoken it’s made atrocious, I’m not sure which)
    V. Bad effects (the water in the scene with the dying green lantern…ugh. I’ve seen better water effects in PS2 games. But that’s the least important thing on this list to me.)

    I found the movie excruciating to sit through, but your review was funny. I just disagree with you. *shrug*

    PS: One thing that stands out in my mind is the scene where Parallax is attacking earth and the people in the streets are running from it. In sped-up motion. Because the extras just weren’t running fast enough for the director, apparently, so it gets to look like an effect from Gilligan’s Island.