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In brightest day, in blackest night, no crap movie shall escape Sofie’s sight! Let those responsible for this CGI blight beware her powerful blonde Danish might!

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  • Steven Pryor

    Thank you. This was a horrible movie. It’s not as bad as some other comic book movies featured on this website, but it’s the movie that I hated most in 2011.

    • Sofie Liv

      Oh yeas.. haaaate.

      All though, I did not see that one yet, but all girls around me couldn’t shut up about twilight, so that would would be my hate movie for 2011, and all ready now it’s also for 2012, mostly because I am probably going to watch it so I can vlog about it -_-;

  • Cristiona

    Yes, yes, they spent 10 minutes on a family that will never be mentioned again. But, had that scene not been there, then people would complain about a lack of character development and how there was no information on his back story and what his motivations were.

    These seems to be a growing pattern with internet critics: if a movie leaves things for the audience to figure out or wait until later to give information, then the movie needs to EXPLAIN! but if it does explain, then it’s talking down to the audience and treating us like we’re idiots (no to mention dragging its feet and wasting time).

    Also, I’m hardly a Green Lantern expert, but with all the lines in the ads about how the ring chose him, I would assume he got to keep the ring because of that. Presumably, once the ring picks someone, it stays with them and can’t be taken away.

    I’m not trying to be harsh here, and yes, the first two paragraphs were more me complaining about general trends and not you specifically, but this review feels… I dunno… kind of lazy. From everything I’ve heard, Green Lantern was a gold mine of awfulness, but you seemed to focus on kind of petty things. The comments about the CGI were solid, as some of the comments about character interactions in general, and Hal’s abrupt quitting. Focusing on that stuff would have been better.

    • Sofie Liv

      Just no, you don’t spend ten minutes on a family that carries no significance to the plot what so ever.
      You know whom you could have spend those ten minutes on? HECTOR!
      We could have had a nice build up with this two, having them hanging out, Hector bailing Hall out or some-thing, what the relation is they have to each other.
      The most gritting annoying for me is that I could see what a strong complex Hall and Hector could have had, but all that it is is a big “Could be.”
      We could have spend those ten minutes with the trio Hall, Hector and Carol, showing them off as “Old child hood best buds.” so that would have paid off in the final.
      We genuinely don’t know that Hector and Hall has anything what-so ever to do with each other before the sixty minutes mark, and they don’t use any time on their relationship even though their final confrontation is supposed to be this. “Big climax of personal innoundous.” ????

      This movie fails on a basic structural point, you are not supposed to have a single thing happen within the first arch that is not paid off in the second and third.
      For an example of a movie which carries this perfectly “Back to the future.” watch that movie, watch the first set-up arch, there is nothing in the first arch, nothing said, done or shown which doesn’t carry some-kind of significance later on.

      If you want to spend time on family life, that is fine, but let it matter later on, here it didn’t matter, so they shouldn’t have. It’s not Uncle Ben letting out the final words of wisdom that carries the over-all theme of the franchise.

      Carol does nothing worthwhile through the movie, Hall got some kind of side-kick “Best buddie.” awing over him, but I don’t know what his name is and he does nothing through out the movie.

      For you last thing.. a Green lantern is a part of a larger corpse. “The green lantern Corpse.” and the rings are their weapons of choice. the most powerful weapon in the universe controlled by the guardians.
      The guardians can take rings away from Lanterns as much as they want to, and they control the corpse.
      We have to think of it is a military of sorts, and thus if you quite, you can’t keep the ring, some-body else whom has will-power and is willing to serve will get it.
      The ring is supposedly also just a technical device whom just searches out whom-ever has the most will power nearby.
      …. This Hall sure shows great will power, quitting after one day and all that -_-;

      This review is granted, a lot of me just saying. “What??? explain please!” but, that is only because, that is how the movie is!
      I would not need to say “Explain so much.” if the movie had explained the right things.

      • But didn’t you see? That scene was vitally important, because that’s where Hal got the idea for the toy car track that he used to divert the crashing helicopter and save Carol at the fancy party. He spent 10 minutes looking at the toy car and paying no attention at all to his nephew. This is true character development.

        When he sees Hector at the party, he remembers his name, that’s more than enough for someone who he stole the woman they had a crush on and left them a sad, lonely introverted troll. Hal basically ruined Hector’s life and never even noticed. And he doesn’t really care later when this gets pointed out. He’s a real hero.

        • Sofie Liv

          Well, I have to speak for Carol here. Hall didn’t ruin Hectors life by taking the girl.
          We have the assume Carol is a person. (Even though she does jack shit.) and does, what-ever choices she makes and whom she decides to be with is her business, and the people who don’t get her should buzz off and respect that.
          And I speak as a women having to deal with several people falling in love with me from time to time, and I have to deal with that, I can’t walk around feeling guilty for every-one I turn down. I can’t say “yeas.” to every-body. I have to consider myself.
          I hate notions of. “if I can’t get her I can’t be happy.” that means I have to deal with it like that, and no one can do that!

          How-ever, it does annoy the hell out of me that Hector could have been a great character. Halls best childhood bud and a total opposite, if he had been build as “the reliable one.” whereas hall is reckless. “We can always count on Hector, reliable Hector.” if there was a scene where Hall was a no show with Carol and her being upset, she immediately called Hector, whom as always immediately was there for her.
          Dad liking Hall better, even though Hector is the better person and he knows it.
          Hall just never catching on that Hector feels left aside cause Hector is so reliable, and then later regrets it deeply.

          Then all of that would make much much more sense. And be freaking tragic.

          • I probably didn’t make it clear that “Hal ruining Hector”s life” was all in Hector’s head. He was always just a freaky little troll who creeped everyone out, but Carol was still nice enough to talk to him, which caused his obsession. It would have been nice if something like this was actually in the movie rather than me having to make it up because I wanted to like the movie, instead of the pointless padding they gave us.

          • Sofie Liv

            Ah, yeas. Yeah that I get.

            How-ever, I still like to view it as Hector is “Mr. Reliable.” but ultimately always shovelled to the side, even though he is the one there for Carol when Hall isn’t which would be… all the time. And through the cause of time he fell in love with her but… from what the movie gave us.. yeah he is just a freaky little stalker troll :/

    • Monoceros4

      “Yes, yes, they spent 10 minutes on a family that will never be mentioned again. But, had that scene not been there, then people would complain about a lack of character development and how there was no information on his back story and what his motivations were.”

      Not me. One of my favorite movies, the original Star Wars, worked because of its utmost economy in character development; a few lines, maybe a brief scene, was enough and then the movie _moved on_. The current fetish for giving everyone “motivations” is deadening movies. It ties in with how television shows think we care about the tedious personal problems of every minor character and make “arcs” out of all of them.

      • Sofie Liv

        What I love the most about older movies (All the way back to thirties-sixties.) is the basic fairy tale story telling formula.
        The rules are simply quite different from the classic “Fairy tale.” formula modern. “Social realistic.” thing every-body is going for.

        Star Was is indeed a very good example, the original three were very firmly structure upon the most basic and classic “epics tale.” formular in the world, just telling the story with cool special effects.
        While the new one.. tries to be.. social realistic.. or some-thing, and we all know how that went, I don’t have to explain.

        My fave show at current time is Doctor Who, especially since after Moffat got ahead, it’s the only current show which really uses this classic “Fairy tale/epic tale.” rule set instead of trying to explain everything (RTD doctor who was more the modern genre actually.)

        And the one movie which is gonna be just classy this year. “The Hobbit.”
        Do we need to be told about Bilbos sister or mom or what-ever? NO! he is just a little Hobbit taking his morning walks and eats breakfast twice as day pulled out on adventure by a bunch of dwarfs.
        That is what we came to see!

  • DavidWilmotLow

    yay! new sofie reviews make me happy!:D I bet this new apartment is actually the inside of the red suitcase. we were now inside sofies tardis, lol:)

    • Sofie Liv

      That’s a damn boring Tardis..

      I kind of want the control room like elevens which is just made up from all kind of trash, and have a ketchup in the middle of it all, just because, right beside the self destruction button. just because.

      Glad you like my reviews ;)

      • DavidWilmotLow

        who’s to say that we wouldnt see al lthat Tardis stuff if we were to pan around the room. stop fighting it, sofie, your a time lord, lol;)

        • Sofie Liv

          Who said any-thing about fighting it?


          • DavidWilmotLow

            i didnt really think you were fighting it, i was just being stupid, im sorry about that, lol:) I’m glad you and I are on the same page about this time lord thing :) you are awesome! :D

  • I love your reviews love! I mean Liv! Heh heh…

    • Sofie Liv

      Aww, thanks.

  • Olaf_the_Lofty

    I enjoyed this very much again. Thank you. It made me wonder if all the loose ends and undeveloped plot points (Hal’s Dad being blown up, the mysterious family with the little boy, the failure to explain Hal and Hector’s relationship) was due to the original film being too long and the missing parts being edited out. They should, however have discovered this at the script stage and rewritten it so that they could film a plot that made sense.

    “Green Lantern Corpse” should be “Green Lantern Corps”, “corps” being pronounced as if written “kå”. A “corpse” is a dead body. :-)

    Best expression at 12:40 followed by a magnificent shriek of “WHAT?!” As I think I’ve said before, your background in acting turns these videos into performances rather than transfers of information, which makes them particularly entertaining.

    • Sofie Liv

      I’m sorry, but the extended version is just as bad as the cinema release.
      So it didn’t help to put the scenes back in there, it’s still a very bad movie, it just fails on a sheer structual level.

      Urhm.. accent.. If I have to use that word again i’ll of cause keep that in mind.

      Haha, thank you. I’m glad you see it that way, I view it as a performance myself.

  • Elizabethspectrum

    I might have gotten over the fact that almost anything that is not on (or from) Earth is CGI (or “from the planet CGI, in the galaxy of final cut pro”) if the story was really interesting, but that was not the case :(

    • Sofie Liv

      Same here.

      I love a good looking movie, but I can forgive it for being bland if the story is very engaging.
      Just take my favourite show “Doctor who.” the aliens more often than not looks like shit and the CGI is.. well tely budget.
      But what the hell do I care!? The show is freaking amazing, mainly because of the brilliant and fantasy filled writing.

  • Cameron

    You could just go buy a machine gun…

  • Arcadiassx999

    Happy 10th episode!!

    • Sofie Liv

      Thanks :)

  • what they should have done is gotten rid of everything in space, and used that time to flesh out everything happening on earth. leave the corps a mystery, and deal with that in the sequel, along with parallax. they tried to do way too much, in way too short a time, and it was just a mess.

    • Sofie Liv

      As this is a green lantern movie, I would have to say no.. don’t get rid of the space thingies, that is what we came to see after-all.
      But make damn sure you have a very simple, very solid firm structured three arch plot and stick it.
      Look at Thor, they had so many things in that movie, but as they kept the story line very firm and simply, a very basic operatic three act plot, it worked.

      This was just a mess completely all over the place :/

  • Cowboy Bebop

    Sofie… cut down on the time we spend in your reaction shots… it’s kind of ironic when you comment on how a movie about super heroes spends 13 minutes with somebody’s family, and I agree… but then why do you make me look at you grimacing for another 15 seconds? Move it along. Also, please please please, keep the shrieking to a minimum. My drinking glass cracked during one of your tirades.

    I know I am about to get flamed because you are very popular on this site, but seriously, these comments are not meant to be mean; I like watching your stuff but I am getting a headache. Anyway, peace out!

    • Sofie Liv

      No you wont be flamed.
      If any-body does I’ll tell them to stop, I don’t want any-one to flame any-body, I do want the constructive criticism.

      I’ll admit this review was a step down from what I usually do, it was low on jokes and all I had was just… my shrieking and my reaction shots. I just couldn’t come up with jokes to do instead, my creative mind was just.. dunno, blocked. all I had was. “What? why? how? since when?”

      Your drinking glass cracked? Seriously? … well erh, you’ll be happy to know there’ll be no shrieking in my next video what so ever (For reasons that will become apparent with the video.) I try to make the reaction shots short, if there are reaction shots over 15 seconds long, it was seriously a mistake.

      My sound quality how-ever isn’t the greatest and wont improve any-time soon, I would never recommend any-one to listen this video with turned up audio, it’s a good idea to turn it a bit down actually.

      • Cowboy Bebop

        The drinking glass cracking was my joke lol. You are a great sport! I look forward to your next video.

        • Sofie Liv

          Thank you, I try my best.

          And the next review will very soon be on this site, in fact it should be on the site in a couple of hours X)

  • Torgeaux

    The Liv,
    Get some of your friends over there and hang some pictures or something. You aren’t living in your father’s storage shed are you? Uh, that would be cool and all, my friend in Sarasota, FL made his into this kick-ass man cave, but you need your comfy chair, a rug or two and AN ELVIS CLOCK! It can swivel his hips, hip-mo-tize your audience and make them into your willing slaves to do your every bidding! OK, back to what this is really all about. There’s an echo in this review. It sounds like you’re doing it in an empty building. It’s very existential, but depressing. If you can’t afford any new stuff, do what I do. Cruise the nice neighborhoods and see what’s been thrown out. Once I got a big Sony TV that the only thing wrong with it was the cord was pulled out. New cord, TV problem solved. (God, this thing wandered pointlessly didn’t it?, Sorry.)

    • Sofie Liv

      I don’t know… I am still experimenting about, but I do think that is the position I will end up with, it isn’t for my next review, which is finished btw, and will be posted at this site in some hours.

      I don’t know, I couldn’t help to think in mu latest review as I didn’t have the white background the other alternative was kind of distracting, I now life in a very small apartment, I don’t have the space for my chair, I am sitting on my bed :/

      And the reason I position myself as I do is also for the natural light, the windows are straight behind the camera and it’s the only windows in the room, I only have that much to work with I am afraid.

  • Tedzey71

    I had an unofficial cameo in this video, didn’t I? ;)

    I had my doubts on the film only because Spider-man 3 has obliterated all my expectations when it comes to hype (except for nolan’s batman :P).

    • Sofie Liv

      If you had an unnofficial cameo.. I did not know while making the video… I have magic powers like that. Apparently, in my latest video Mendo rejoiced over my reference to a show I have never ever heard about…

      Well, actually the superhero year last year wasn’t bad. Three out of four superhero movies I found highly enjoyable, and this was the one out of those four which was not. That’s… not bad at all.
      And this year with both the Avengers and Batman coming out.. that’s pretty damn epic.

      • Tedzey71

        I’ll agree that it’s a good time to be a comic book dork :-)

        Though the unofficial cameo came when you showed off the fan art which included a headshot of me along with other reviewers like Stephan from “Animated Analysis” and Josh the Horror Guru.

        • Sofie Liv

          Ohhh, yeah. having real fanart of one out there is freaking cool.

          Yayness for us the comic book dorks 8)

  • MephLord

    I do believe now, that DC should never make a Justice League movie. It would never be good if they can’t even do a solo hero movie well (other than Batman that is a special case). Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Red Tornado, Martian Manhunter, none really seems to have potential for a good movie (although I could go to great lengths to explain why Wonder Woman SHOULD have a good movie). If Time Warner can’t do Superman or Green Lantern well, I’d hate to see how they’d approach a Hawkman movie.

    • Sofie Liv

      not to be a spoil sport, but picking from all JL members, Hawkman is not one of the people I want to see a movie about.. we can skip him.

      Wonderwoman should be a high priority of cause, then we can’t have a JL movie without sups and bats.

      Then my finger would be pointed a Green arrow.. I kind of want a green arrow flick, The flash and. That’s five people, we need more movies to reach the JL movie?

      as interesting Martian the manhunter could be in the right hands. (ET where the alien is very intelligent trying to hide whom he is… okay that’s very intriguing.) I’m afraid such a movie in the slightly wrong hands could be disastrous.

      And.. it’s not about whether DC can make the movies work, it’s about whom they hand their projects to! You gave Bats to Nolan, a very prominent interesting and acclaimed director, you get a movie.
      You hand Green Lantern to a man whom only have made shitty action movies no one remembers or cares about.. yeah, don’t get your hopes to high. They should take more care of the productions and just get a strong team of strong artist, then just let them do their thing.

      • Ken Shinn

        What’s so wrong with Hawkman? Or Hawkgirl? The Thanagarians are much more interesting that Wonder Woman, in myopinion.

        • Sofie Liv

          I just don’t like Hawkman personally. It’s fine you do, it’s all about taste in this matter, like picking a favourite muppet.
          Hawkgirl is really cool in the JL animated series, I like here there, but lets face it, she is not a front figure.

          The thing about wonderwoman is that she is the bloody symbol for the one big female hero up there with Superman, Batman, Captain America ext.
          Whom is big and epic like them, have a history as old and important as them, plays as vital a part in her shared univers. She is a symbol in herself, and she is the only one of those big guns that great whom is female.
          THAT is why she needs a god damn movie, and it can’t be to soon.

          Fuck, they shouldn’t have spend this much money on a green Lantern movie when Wonderwoman still lacks as much as one single movie. We simply need a big stellar wonderwoman movie, it’s as simple as that!

  • MephLord

    If the remake of Judge Dredd (IMHO the original UK super hero) does well, does that make it more likely that other European super heroes like Geo-Force and Contest of Champions characters like Shamrock, Peregrine and Vanguard will get more attention. Europe is more lacking in heroes than here in Canada as we have Alpha Flight (a team treated very badly by their creators) as well as Wolverine. I mean, Nightcrawler is German and one of the best heroes ever and Captain Britain, Meggan and Rachel Summers (a confusing character, but one I enjoyed reading about) were all part of a very good team. Is it possible that if a renaissance of super hero movies occurs, that it will be because of European heroes dealing with European villains in Europe? Or am I just being insane?

    • Sofie Liv

      Who on earth ever said Europe lack heroes, comic book heroes or other fantastic characters?

      One of our biggest comic book heroes had a major movie last year! Tintin! our comic book culture is just vastly different from yours, our heroes different. Asterix had three movies thus far (Shitty movies, but movies.)

      All the original heroes whom superheroes are later contrived from European stories, Sherlock Holmes is the template for so many heroes, Batman included.
      Greek Mythology is the template for so many heroes, and that is freaking greek.

      Norse mythology, inspiration to Thor, guess what, It’s Norse which mean Scandinavic which means.. oh boy. Danish. Technically Thor’s nationality is closest at being Danish! Buyah!

      The reality is reversed of your statement, there’s no American heroes whom is not one way or another contrived or inspired from some sort of European hero or legend, it is us whom have all the old history.

      • MephLord

        I had no idea that there was a Tintin movie out there, I’ll have to check it out. Asterix is just so weird I have a hard time enjoying it. And I was always more of a Baldur and Sigurd fan than a Thor fan, as far as Norse mythology went. Wonder Woman has reminded me of her Greek mythological heritage, which any movie would be silly to omit. So yes I see your point that a lot of heroes do draw from European roots with their background stories. And with Alice in Wonderland, Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes, James Bond the UK is very well represented with iconic canon in their own right.

        • Sofie Liv

          Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Van Hellsing, Doctor Frankenstein, the Phantom of the opera, Dr Jekyll and the ones you just listed plus more.. all European in origin, all European within their own stories. So yeah, we own all of that shit. I don’t see the problem.
          All you people have is the westerns! That’s it, that’s the only genre natively American, every-thing else is imported from Europe in one way or another.

          How the hell can you not be aware of that Tintin movie? Dude, it was directed by Steven Spielbeg and produced by Peter Jackson, it was absolutely major, and a really good movie at that.

          As for Asterix, I don’t know if you have to be European to appreciate them, but I love those comics! I grew up with them and both read them all the time plus watched all of the animated movies over and over, it’s part of my childhood, they make me laugh. Especially as an adult can I appreciate the brilliant satirik humour within the comics.

          • Well, one could point out that Sherlock Holmes is derived from Edgar Allan Poe’s C. Auguste Dupin. So, Holmes is based upon an American character

          • Sofie Liv

             I thought he was inspired from one of Conan Doyles old teachers.. well perhaps he had multiple inspiriations?

            In either case, Holmes is a londoneer, that’s always where he will belong, so he is a brit.. and his side-kick is of Scottish origin X)

            Well, what I Was trying to say back then six months ago I can see, I guess is that.. Americans should NOT feel bad about not having more “European heroes.” represented, why? because there actually are plenty of European figures, so they should stop worrying. There’s no need acting or worrying in that regard, heck they are importing brits to Hollywood all of the time to get the genuine accent in their movie, so really, it’s a none issue.

            How-ever.. having indish, japanese, vietnamise, african, africans ext represented, that’s an entirely different matter!

          • Sofie Liv:”I thought he was inspired from one of Conan Doyles old teachers.. well perhaps he had multiple inspiriations?”
            That was Joseph Bell. The BBC even did a series (MURDER ROOMS: THE DARK BEGINNINGS OF SHERLOCK HOLMES, starring Ian Richardson as Bell) that depicted Bell solving crimes.Of course,in the realm of real world influences on Holmes, we Yanks can point to Adam Worth (never trust anyone named Adam;I should know),  an American criminal who served as a prototype for Moriarty (he was actually called “The Napoleon of the criminal world”)

            However, the literary influence for Holmes was Poe’s Dupin.This is universally recognized.Indeed, Conan Doyle was always willing to acknowledge his enormous debt to Poe. To get a feel for  Poe’s influence, just  read THE PURLOINED LETTER and compare it to any Holmes story. The influence is palpable. For example, the sidekick (cf Watson) who marvels at the hero’s awesome brainpower comes right out of Dupin’s nameless friend.

            Sofie Liv:”Well, what I Was trying to say back then six months ago I can see, I guess is that.. Americans should NOT feel bad about not having more “European heroes.” ”

            Well, I’ve never felt bad about “European heroes.” Heck, my boyhood reading was shaped by Stevenson, Wells, Verne, Conan Doyle, etc. I do think, however, that one should be aware that literary inspiration does not invariably run from the Old World to the New. Sometimes Europe can be influenced by what Americans are doing. And then that American influence can come back to the USA. Take the classical detective. It starts with Poe’s Dupin. Dupin begets Holmes. Holmes begets a legion of followers (Thornedike, Campion, Lord Peter Wimsey, etc). Then this English vision of the master detective flows back to the States, and we see American versions (Ellery Queen, Philo Vance, Nero Wolfe, etc). And, of course, Americans have been strongly influenced by British writers (cf Burroughs’ Tarzan, who was inspired by Kipling’s Mowgli).

  • Tim Terrell

    Why did Hector get to do the autopsy on Abin Sur’s (the purple alien’s) body? You kept asking this several times throughout the review, and you never addressed the fact that the question was answered in the film: Hector’s father used his influence as a Senator to get his son in there so he could be a part of history.How could you miss that?

    It’s no big deal that Hal went to Oa to ask permission to fight Parallax and then went back to earth to fight the creature, because it only took five minutes each way via the ring. Yet you shrieked and wailed and moaned thru the video “Why? Why? Why?”

    The answer is there. And there will be a sequel.

    • Sofie Liv

      It’s explained in the movie very swiftly and with only one line drowned in all of the other dialogue that is not enough, it took me two viewings to get that at all. plus it first comes up fifty minutes into the movie, ways pass the point Hector did the autopsy, that’s information delivered way to late.
      The movie never ever tells me that it only took Hall five minutes to get to Oa, he is just suddenly unexplained and unexsplecately there. The movie never ever tells how or how long it took, as far as I knew as some-one not reading Green Lantern comic books on a regular basis it couldn’t have taken months.
      And it still seems like running over to your neighbour asking for permission while a monster is eating your house. Why would he do that? that threat seems pretty damn immediate to me, why would he need to ask permission? The guardians did say no at first, what if they had stuck to that?
      Isn’t it one of those.. better safe than sorry situations? Better just do and apologies later instead of risk not being able to do at all.
      That monster is going to destroy all of EARTH, now is really not the time to jump universe, even for only five minutes.

      The movie didn’t give me campy silly things I could make fun off, all it gave me was a lot of “how’s” “Why’s.” and “Who’s” that’s all I had to work with on this one. And that’s how it ended up.
      It’s my weaker review, I give you that. But I have said nothing in it I am regretting.

    • MephLord

      There will never be a sequel. Even with the Sinestro teaser, I can damn sure say that there will never be a sequel.

  • Thatotherliam

    Sofie (or anybody who knows, really), what’s the name of the song you use in your opening?

    • Sofie Liv

      It’s a track called “The office.”
      From the brilliant Terry Gilliam movie. “Brazil.”

      And yeah, that track is epic, it has been used for numerous of trailers through-out time, like Wall-e
      It just has that catchy, fun comedy wibe without snark, good mood, messy office, mood to it. I thought it suited me :3

      • Tad Whatever

        In case you don’t know, that song predates the movie Brazil by about 50 years. Look up the title “Aquarela do Brasil”.

  • LOLerSkates

    Wow….your review shows an inept knowledge of the comic.

  • drdvdplayerhandbook

    I know you think this is a shortcoming of the movie, but trust me, the Guardians of the Universe were a bunch of stupid assholes in the comics too.

    • Sofie Liv

      yeah, I have been lead to believe that is the case in the comics, and I can see how that is a very interesting plot point.
      If the rest of the movie had been good, I wouldn’t have commented on it, but so many plot points were bad here, and as for Guardians, they never talk about it, not really, they don’t expose it or use it, it’s just them saying. “Screw earth.” and nothing else.
      If now some of them had a conversation about this. Killercrock and Jordan flying a bit around and Crock says. “Don’t oppose the guardians, what they decide to do may seem a little cold and weird, maybe cruel, but they are our boss.” and Hall goes. “What? you can’t mean that?”

      There, problem exposed and talked about, now the audience knows the guardian is actually supposed to be asses, I had no idea before some-one told me.
      And it’s not even because I don’t know any-thing about comic book lore, I have read comic books (mostly eruopean ones, I grew up with Tintin and Asterix, but still!), and I love a good comic book movie/tely adaptation. But no one should have to do home-work to watch a movie, and you can’t expect me to know every-thing about every-thing :/ 

      The movie should be able to tell me all that I needed to know and still be a treat for fans, I knew absolutely nothing about Marvel thor, all though a lot about the real myhology which has nothing to do with the marvel thor, when I went in watching that movie, and I understood that! I liked that movie.

      • drdvdplayerhandbook

        Yeah, I wasn’t excusing the movie’s behavior, I just was clarifying.  I also think it would have been a great plot point.  After all, most of Green Lantern villains have the Guardians to blame for their creation.