Green Lantern (2011), a recap (part 8 of 9)

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Previously: Amanda Waller lived a life told in stock photos, while Hector torched his dad, and Hal was powerless to stop it despite opening a wormhole to get to the scene of the crime. And now Parallax will have his revenge on the Guardians by… attacking Earth? Sure, why not.

The crunching guitars start up again as Hal travels back to the planet Oa. While he flies there, all the Guardians are down in the Forbidden Chamber, all looking at that big rotating yellow Parallax symbol. Hal flies past what I guess must be a Green Lantern graveyard with glowing green headstones, but of course we get no information on this place at all. I guess they figured if they spent all that time to design/render the place, they might as well put it in the movie.

So this is where all my corrupt keychain flash drives go to die.

The Guardians are suddenly back in that previous meeting area with the ridiculously highchairs, as Sinestro stands below them and presents them with “our new weapon”, a yellow ring powered by fear. He says, “Though Earth will be lost, we’ll be ready to make our stand against Parallax!” Whoa, hold up. Earth will be what now?

“And it’s got a lemon-y fresh scent, too! I’m also working on cherry, and new car.”

Hal swoops onto the scene, and pleads with the Guardians to not give up on Earth. He knows that humans “aren’t the strongest species, or the smartest,” or the best-looking, or the most charming, and who are you to judge? But he insists that the human race is, in fact, worth saving.

“And maybe we don’t ‘bathe regularly’…”

He tells them that they can’t use the yellow power ring, which he couldn’t possibly even know anything about at this point, and warns them that once they’ve given into fear, “you’ll never go back!” And he knows that because he’s “seen it”, because this is more or less what Hector told him during their previous fight.

And continuing with the tired fear theme, he accuses the Guardians of being afraid, and that’s why Parallax is beating them. In fact, they’re “afraid to admit you’re afraid”, and he was the same way. He then shares how we here on Earth have a saying: “I’m only human,” which we say because we’re “vulnerable”, but this doesn’t make us “weak”.

One Guardian pipes up that his words are “compelling”, but they can’t risk “losing everything” just to prove he’s right. So Hal says they don’t have to risk everything, and he just wants them to “let me go fight for my world”. Huh? Who’s stopping him from fighting for his world? What exactly is he trying to convince them to do, or not do? I mean, I get that he doesn’t want them to use the yellow fear power ring, but how would using it, or not using it stop him from trying to save Earth?

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Multi-Part Article: Green Lantern (2011), a recap

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