Green Lantern (2011), a recap (part 7 of 9)

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Previously: Hector instantly got all fat and gross and deformed and went full evil, and Hal saved the day by turning a crashing helicopter into a speeding projectile (just go with it). Carol became Discount Lois Lane to Hal’s Discount Superman as he romanced her in the air, then revealed he’s a member of a galactic peacekeeping force… except for the part where he quit the same day he got the job.

Big Fat Hector is now back at the “Science Building”, examining his blood again, and this time his computer screen shows him even more yellow goo taking over his blood cells. At least he reacts this time, by chuckling to himself. Amanda Waller enters with those same two government goons who previously escorted Hector to the underground bunker. She carefully walks up to him, saying Hector has to come with her. She touches him, there’s a flash of light, and we’re abruptly seeing a montage of black and white still photos of events from Amanda Waller’s past.

As in the comics, we see that Amanda grew up in Chicago’s Cabrini-Green projects, and there are pictures of her wedding, and a happy family, followed by the sound of gunshots, and pictures of police tape, a body covered with a sheet, and finally, Amanda grieving over her family’s gravestones.

Amanda Waller pays her respects to every attempt to start up a DC Cinematic Universe.

Back in the present, Hector tells Amanda that “Physical contact accesses mnemonic data,” or in other words, “I can see your memories!” And I’m pretty sure Hector being able to access “mnemonic data” was only included to establish more backstory for Amanda Waller to set up future movies. Hector only accesses memories once after this, and it’s ultimately a pointless superpower. Also, it’s a nice touch that in one of the pictures they chose, Amanda’s husband has his eyes closed. This whole sequence feels like they ran out of money to film a proper flashback sequence, so they just got Angela Bassett and a bunch of catalog models to hang out with a photographer for an afternoon.

“Hey, I got laid off from Shutterstock, and a man’s gotta eat!”

Somehow, Amanda and the DEO folks get Hector to come with them, and they return to that top-secret underground lab with the twenty-foot ring and that shuttle-thing still zipping around and around. They take Hector into a control room overlooking the lab, and Senator Hammond is here, looking upon his son’s new grotesque appearance with a look of mild pity.

“Damn, he’s… only slightly more disgusting to me now.”

Amanda holds up a vial of yellow goo, explaining that they detected a “second alien lifeform” inside the first, and Hector was exposed to it during the autopsy. The Senator says this is all his fault, and they’re going to fix this. But Hector doesn’t want to be fixed, because—everybody say it with me now—“I’ve never felt better in my life!” He then attacks his dad, grabbing him by the face, so some random scientists in the room rush forward to sedate him.

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Multi-Part Article: Green Lantern (2011), a recap

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