Green Lantern (2011), a recap (part 6 of 9)

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Previously: Hal was transported to the planet Oa where he received a beatdown from Sinestro, causing him to quit the Corps and Refuse the Call of this particular Hero’s Journey. Back on Earth, Hector gave his students a lesson… in how thinking of him as a “freak” gets your ass shotputted across the classroom. In space, Sinestro learned that assigning ten guys to deal with a planet-ending threat might have been slightly underestimating the magnitude of the threat.

It’s nighttime as a helicopter lands in front of Ferris Aircraft, and out steps Sen. Hammond. A well-dressed crowd is gathered outside while a blues band performs, and it appears this event is to celebrate Ferris landing that military contract despite Hal’s best efforts.

Who’d have thought Bob Roberts would now be a five-term senator?

Carol and Tom are here, as is Hal, who runs into Hector, and it looks like the two know each other. Wait, the hero and the (secondary) villain are already acquainted, and we’re not finding this out until over an hour into the movie? We also never find out when or how or where they met, or what Hector’s connection is to Ferris Aircraft other than being the Senator’s son, leading me to believe major parts of Hector’s backstory got cut from the finished film.

“Hey, Hector, haven’t seen you, or that haircut, since 1992!”

The Senator comes up to shake Hal’s hand, and Hal expresses surprise he was even invited to this party, given his massive screw-up during the dogfight that almost put the company out of business. But the Senator says he’s “family”, and the world is made up thinkers and doers and Hal is “one of the doers”, a comment which clearly makes Hector seethe inside. And you can just tell the Senator is wishing he had a son like Hal instead of a creepy science goober who looks like a young Gallagher.

Hal walks over to Carol and asks how they were able to land that contract anyway, and Carol says she convinced the Army that Hal only won the dogfight because he broke the “rules of engagement”. And also, Tom found a way to get the robot planes “more altitude.” So without even meaning to, Hal did them a favor.

Hal replies with, “Look… I’m uncomfortable with the word ‘hero’.” I guess that’s supposed to be a hilarious punchline or something, because we cut away from the conversation and go to Hector, who’s glowering at them from across the party. He then turns to drink a cocktail, and he does it like a total Cro-Magnon, bending over to put his mouth on the rim of the glass and slurp up the liquid. Alrighty then.

That’s not a very cosmopolitan move.

Carl Ferris and Sen. Hammond are now up on stage addressing the crowd, and Carl calls his daughter up to thank her for helping win the contract. The Senator congratulates her and Hal, saying they both “give us hope”, then he calls for a toast. This inspires more glowering from Hector.

Carol walks off stage and Hector runs up to her, and it turns out she and Hector already know each other, too. She hugs him, and he creepily takes the opportunity to deeply inhale the scent of her hair.

You know, I’m thinking maybe something’s just not right with this Hector dude.

He congratulates her, then grabs somebody else’s drink and hands it to her. Carol says she knows it couldn’t have been easy growing up with his dad, but she can see that he’s “doing great” now. Does she mean it’s not easy growing up as… the son of a senator? I’m not following.

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Multi-Part Article: Green Lantern (2011), a recap

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