VIDEO: Grand Theft Auto V (PS3): One step forward, one step back

Roland played Grand Theft Auto V for more than a hundred hours, a handful of which contained actual gameplay! It’s flawed, rough around the edges, and rough around the middle, with many of GTA 4’s best mechanics run through the strainer of Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3. By which we mean ruined. But San Andreas is such a nice place to be that this one gets an 8 out of 10. If that offends you, grow the fuck up. If it doesn’t, thanks for watching!

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  • Fasinating review, I was a big fan of the GTA series but I’m not sure if I really want to get GTAV now.
    Have you played SRIV and if you did, do you plan on doing a review of it?

    • I didn’t play Saints Row 4, and I might not get around to it for quite a while. Saints Row 3 left a bad taste in my mouth for being so schizophrenic. The first mission is a super awesome 80s action stunt in a plane, with skydiving, and explosions, and all that.

      The second mission is a “here’s how to drive a car to give your friend a ride home!” They could have safely cut out all the boring “beginner criminal” stuff and had a much better game. SR4 did appeal to me a bit at first because I loved the absolute stuffing out of Crackdown.

  • moppet

    You know what I like best about your take on GTAV? It’s divergent enough from the other reviews that I don’t feel like I’m treading the same ground by listening to it. I like variety of opinion, I’ve seen so much of the same from GTAV reviews that I just didn’t know what to think of it.

    Thank you for shedding light on aspects of GTAV that I’d not seen illuminated before, or at least not from this particular angle.

    • moppet

      So I went back, re-installed GTAIV and played it for a bit after commenting. You’re right. There are things about GTAIV that still annoy me, some of those things seem to have annoyed you too. But. There are plenty of mechanic portions, such as the unarmed fighting, car handling and more that really are just better.

      I hadn’t played GTAIV in so long I felt like I had to go back and see for myself. I’m glad I did. It made your points stand out far better.

      • You are my hero for doing that! Many people (including those friends I mentioned) just think I’m nuts. None of them have actually tried to disprove me. 🙂

        But going back to get a bit of GTA IV capture for the review I was astounded. My working theory is that the game engine from 4 was changed to better fit Red Dead Redemption, and then they forgot to change it BACK.

  • Dex_Meridian

    I just finished the story missions on GTA V. I’m inclined to agree that certain things were done better in IV, and I fully agree with the comment below that the engine here feels more like RDR than GTA IV. But I still had a fun time.
    I guess I boil it down to this: Rockstar is sort of obsessed with making their games “cinematic.” Sometimes it works really well (RDR) and sometimes it works like a FMV game from 1994 (LA Noir). I think GTA IV struck a great balance between the massive gameplay experience and the narrative, interactive movie experience. GTA V’s main fault to me was…losing interest in one or the other, depending on where you are in the game.
    IV was missing gameplay elements that didn’t fit its story, whereas V is missing story and gameplay elements without a real excuse. Why couldn’t we keep the fisticuffs from IV and play as Trevor in a basement fight club? Why couldn’t Franklin acquire exotic cars and sell them to a chop shop?
    Rant over. Short version, I agree with Roland. And I also liked GTA V. The end.

  • yeahwhatever

    Kudos to anyone who likes the GTA series. I’m more partial to the Yakuza (Ryu ga Gotoku) series. You don’t kill people, you just beat the living daylight out of them. Oh, and everyone is perfectly fine after the fight. Where else can you smash a motorcycle over someone’s head and laugh it off later drinking beer and singing karaoke?