Gov. Rick Perry uses Joan Rivers’s dead body as campaign prop

rick perry

TV’s Joan Rivers might still be alive if only the unconstitutional restrictions Gov. Rick Perry tried to force on Texas abortion clinics applied to New York surgical clinics, said Gov. Rick Perry himself.

Exact quote: “It was interesting that, when Joan Rivers, and the procedure that she had done where she died, that was a clinic. It’s a curious thought that if they had had that type of regulations in place, whether or not that individual would be still alive.”

Besides being tasteless and gratuitous, Gov. Perry’s remarks were also nonsensical since he did not and does not call for any such restrictions to be expanded to all medical clinics across the board. The next time Perry needs a colonoscopy, I hope he was to drive 300 miles to a full-fledged (and super expensive) hospital facility to get it done. Maybe they’ll find his head while they’re up there. They certainly won’t find a heart.

Rivers was proudly pro-choice and helped advanced her beliefs into the mainstream by incorporating them in her standup act in the 1970s.

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