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Phil once again turns his show over to sound engineer Rex Rabitt for another installment of The Bunny Perspective: Music! On this episode, Rex talks about the music videos of Gotye, but not the video for “Somebody That I Used to Know”, because that’s already been discussed to death. Instead, it turns out Gotye has an entire YouTube channel full of interesting and surreal music videos!

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  • I sure hope Gotye won’t be labelled as a one-hit wonder because his albums are pretty solid. Making Mirrors was a great collection of songs especially Somebody (The best no 1 hit since Cee Lo’s Fuck You), Eyes Wide Open (an unfortunate sophomore single failure), I Feel Better (I love a good motown song or homage in this case) and Save Me (Just a nice sounding song about someone coming into your miserable life and making it worth living).

    I’ve also seen the videos that go with them and they have to be some of the most interesting looking music videos from an artist with chart success I’ve seen in a while. Save Me also has some cool imagery with the body coming together in the snow and ending light show, but those eyes from the body might provide accidental nightmare fuel. Still they are creatively surreal and all coming from such a nice, humble and talented Aussie.

  • Thomas Stockel

    The next Peter Gabriel?  Blasphemy.

    Okay, seriously, that’s the old man in me talking.  Thanks for covering some of Gotye’s other stuff.  I’m not ready to become a fan but his videos do look like they are fun to watch.

  • Necroglobule

    If it’s one thing I learned from Rocky IV, it’s that there IS no easy way out. There’s no shortcut home.

    Hmm. while I won’t agree on the “next Peter Gabriel” thing, you can definitely see a Gabrielesque influence in his music.

  • chromesthesia

    Iamamiwhoami has all of her stuff on youtube. It’s really a great way for me to discover AWESOME MUSIC.

    Also review her. It would be awesome if someone did. Even if it was a bad review because she’s so AWESOME. And I love Gotye.

  • Liam Barrett

    Already fallen a bit in love with Rex. Could easily imagine him as the Zen bouncer who throws his arm around you and explains to you why you need to have your arse kicked, before kicking your arse, then picking you up off the ground and paying for your cab home.

    • Philosopher frat boy, is his character type. With piercings.