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Gotham’s twisted family values were everywhere on display this week.

Mama’s Baby Had a No Good, Terrible, Very Bad Episode

This week’s episode wiped away any lingering doubts you may have had about whether Penguin’s short-lived status as the Big Bird in Gotham had come to an end. Penguin’s wings have been clipped, for sure.


Penguin misses his mommy. It’s not funny, so stop laughing. Seriously, Penguin is losing it in this episode.

The episode opens with Penguin, sweating, on the verge of tears, and groveling in front of the siblings Galavan. He assures Theo that he’ll continue to be Theo’s tool, no matter what, but that he’d be a much better tool if he wasn’t so worried about his mother. “Lord have mercy,” he says; he needs to know his mom is safe.

Theo is unmoved. That Theo Galavan is one cold motha . . .*shut yo’ mouth.*

The Siblings Galavan

Actually, there is no evidence that Theo is an, um, motherlover. However, it’s possible he’s a sister lover, if Tabitha’s creepy comments about how good he is in the sack were fact-based, rather than just something she said to make Gotham’s deputy mayor uncomfortable two episodes ago. #RIPGingerJerome.

After Penguin leaves, the sadistic Siblings Galavan move on to a new torture target, kidnapped Wayne employee, Mr. Bunderslaw, whom they believe knows all Wayne Enterprises’ dirty laundry. They want him to lend a hand with their efforts to undermine Wayne Enterprises. LITERALLY. They chop off one of his hands.

Theo dispatches sister Tabitha to deliver a new assignment to mommy-missing Penguin. Theo wants Penguin to use a crew to burn down multiple Gotham buildings and retrieve an artifact from a safe.

Penguin decides to outsource the job to a family of arsonists, who also happen to be Fish Mooney loyalists. Penguin asks Butch to recruit Cat to recruit the firestarters. #NetworkingGoals.

Introducing The Firestarters…

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