Gotham: Desperate Times in Gotham (S2 E7 RECAP)

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Goodnight, Mrs. Cobblepot

Thanks to Butch, Penguin finds his mother. And thanks to the now unbrainwashed Butch, Theo and Tabitha show up to greet him. As Penguin and his mother hug, Tabitha stabs Mrs. Cobblepott in the back. She dies in Penguin’s arms.

Penguin, shaking with rage and grief, calls Theo a coward for walking away and telling Butch to kill Penguin rather than doing it himself. In a rare foolish move, Theo takes the bait and walks closer to Penguin, giving Penguin opportunity to stab Theo in the next and escape with a single goal in mind — kill the Galavans.


Meet the New Mayor – Theo Galavan Cheney-Bush?

Newly-elected mayor, Theo Galavan, runs to the GCPD tattling on Penguin and making an even bigger power grab. Galavan, with the assistance of a character we haven’t seen in a while, Harvey Dent, intends to impose a curfew on the entire city and to start door-to-door searches for Penguin. Jim worries aloud about not being any better than the mobsters if they rule citizens through fear. Theo laughs it off. We now have a view of what type of politician Theo is — he plans to terrorize and intrude on individual citizens’ liberty “to make them safe.” Sound familiar? Could it be that Theo’s original last name was not Dumas, but Cheneybush?

As Jim and Harvey hunt for Penguin, Jim figures out that Theo’s rise to power was a little too convenient. Uh, finally!

The Most Exciting Gotham Shootout, Since the . . .Last Big Gotham Shootout.

Theo assures Tabitha they don’t need to hunt Penguin down; he’ll come to them motivated to avenge the death of his mother. I bet he didn’t expect Penguin to plot an attack at his election night party. It was easy enough for fans to predict because Gotham loves parties and galas transformed into orgies of murder and mayhem.

But, we’re skipping a few steps. The afternoon before the mayoral shoot out/party, Harvey and Jim decide it’s time to have a little conversation with Butch to sort out the Penguin-Theo situation.

They find Butch holding court with a group of thugs (like a Boss!). There’s a new Butch in Gotham, and he’s nobody’s . . . lapdog (hi, kids). It doesn’t take much prodding to get Butch to tell all about Penguin-Theo, but before Butch can fill them in on all the details, Victor Szasz and his crew arrive, shooting up the building, apparently on behalf of Theo?

As evening approaches…

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