Good News/Bad News: Sherlock Is Coming Back! But Not ’til 2017 or Thereabouts


If you celebrated the end of Sherlock season three by getting knocked up, your kid might be in college by the time season four starts.

We left off with John totally over that “Who the hell did I marry” phase and willing to overlook large-with-child Mary’s past as a ninja-assassin. Sherlock was about to go on a suicide mission (punishment for killing Mary’s blackmailer) but got called back to save the world yet again from (supposed-to-be dead) Moriarty – or his image – which popped up on television screens asking, “Miss me?” We did!


What do we know about Season 4? Word is it’s going to be “dark and frightening.” Which if they follow Doyle’s stories, might mean the end of Mary. Poor John! But he’ll always have Sherlock, won’t he?

Earlier this summer Mark (Mycroft) Gatiss, Benedict (Sherlock) Cumberbatch, and Andy (Moriarty) Scott did a little “We’re so sorry we’re too busy doing theataaah and movies to come to your little whatsits in America” intro clip for Comic Con, the payoff of which is a heavy hint that Moriarity is back, which we got already from the season 3 finale, thank you very much. .

The question is when? When do we get our Sherlock fix? Because of scheduling conflicts – due to the two leads being hot properties – production has been pushed back to early 2016, which means it might not air in jolly olde England until January 2017 – if it doesn’t get pushed back again – and we won’t get it here in the colonies (legally) until late February. Even worse, producer Stephen Moffat, who did deign to cross the pond and visit the lowly peasants in San Diego, confessed he hasn’t even started writing season 4 yet.

But don’t despair! It looks like 2015-2016 won’t be a total wash. There’s a Christmas Special coming, which will find Mrs. Hudson’s boys (and Mrs. Hudson) mysteriously transported to Victorian London – probably via the TARDIS. However, it won’t be coming to your television (PBS, YOU ARE DEAD TO ME) but to “a few select theaters,” which doesn’t do us much good if we never leave the house, does it?

Here’s a clip to tide you over:

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