Good News For Wayward Pines Fans! Or Maybe Not!

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Looks like your favorite moderately successful ten part mini-series currently on Fox might possibly get a second chance season (or it might not). The bad news is it doesn’t look like any of the award-winning cast is coming back.

"It's Iron Man all over again, I tell ya!"

“It’s Iron Man all over again, I tell ya!”

Apparently the M. Night Shyamalan brand isn’t what it used to be, so after filming was completed, Wayward Pines languished like an aging Tennessee Williams’ heroine for a couple of years. By the time it aired, everyone had moved on to something else, except maybe Hope Davis whose series got cancelled. Academy Award Winner Melissa Leo, the hardest working actor in America (as she’s known at her local Starbucks) has about five different projects in production. Even has-been Matt Dillon, who’s often mistaken for his brother, got himself some voiceover work playing a dog. Didn’t you used to be? No don’t tell me? I’ve almost got it, a.k.a. Juliette Lewis, found herself a successful TV show, which just goes to show that maybe there is something to that Scientology stuff. And Terrance Howard? Hah!

But why even mention Juliette Lewis and Terrance Howard seeing as how their characters were killed off, so they can’t possibly come back, right?


Who could have expected that a show which debuted against the finales of Scandal, The Blacklist AND the NBA play-offs would pick up any steam? They got the wrong time slot, the wrong director, a ridiculous premise, and mostly B-list once-weres. Where did they go right? Damn you, Melissa Leo and Hope Davis! DAMN YOU! (Or could it have been the recaps?)

But the ratings went from meh to sort of okay, or maybe better than okay counting the DVR numbers, which they now count. So Fox is considering doing it again, and talking about a whole new cast, with a focus on different characters in the same creepy post-devolutionized world. Will a new set of people have to learn the truth every single season? And will it always be in the form of a lecture? Will it all play out with “the volunteers” we just found out about? Who knows? All this is preliminary and something of a surprise because the general feeling was that the producers were running one of those scams where you make more money if the show fails.

"And then we hire M. Night Shyamalan!!!"

“And then we hire M. Night Shyamalan!!!”

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