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In tribute to the late, great Robin Williams, the DVD Shelf reviews the 1987 comedic war drama Good Morning, Vietnam, which loosely tells the story of Airman Adrian Cronauer, who spent some time as a morning radio DJ over in Vietnam during the mid ’60s and took it upon himself to bring a taste of home to the American soldiers stationed in the country by providing them with lively broadcasts and playing the day’s most popular music. We’ll meet the real Adrian Cronauer and see just how accurately the film recounts his wartime experiences. We’ll then discuss how this film was a major turning point in Robin Williams’ stellar career.

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  • msgundam2

    Look up a guy named Dave Rabbit. He is a pretty good Vietnam radio DJ.

  • DeanD

    Wow, this review is not only one of the most informative I’ve ever seen, but one of the most earnest and entertaining. Good job! I saw this film when I was much too young to appreciate any of it and only revisited it after Williams’ death and was really impressed, not only by Robin’s performance but with the sincerity in which the story was told, regardless of how factual it all was. There was a sense of humanity the film had that other Vietnam films I’ve seen had lacked, topped off by Robin William’s genuine and affecting performance. I lost a few family members in 2014 but it was Williams’ passing that floored me and caused me to weep. You could tell that like a lot of comedians he had his demons and I think his struggle over the years (and perseverance) was one of many ties he had with his fans and us with him. He will forever be missed.

  • AirCanMaster

    This was the most intense movie review I’ve seen in a long time.