What Good Is America If We Don’t Have Owl Cafes?

What Good Is America If We Don't Have Owl Cafes?

Refinery 29 tips us off to the fact that in Japan, there are owl cafes. OWL CAFES, PEOPLE.

…a new trend has seen the birth of what is locally known as a “fukurou cafe”in Toyko and Osaka, an owl-themed cafe that lets you pet the owls in residence.

Do you know how much money we would pay to go hang out and drink coffee and pet an owl? All of it. All of the monies.


The Japanese have already given us Hello Kitty/KISS toilet paper, so why haven’t they given us owl cafes yet? Also, too, they have cat cafes where you can pet kittens. Our frantic blogging would be so much more chill, so laid back, if we could pet random kittens while we write. America, why do you suck at having pet-themed coffee shops?

Kickstarter to bring owl and kitten cafes to the good old USA. Make it happen, people.

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