RAW FEED: Going to war (first draft)

This is just a rough draft on a new song we’re working on.

The inspiration is that well, when I was a teen… The west decided to go to war in the middle east. And no one knew why.
And today… we are still there, moving across different middle eastern countries and again, no one knew what the fuck we are doing over there.
We just… keep going to war I guess.


Ones again we’re going to war.
Don’t even know what we’re fighting for.
They tell us freedom Liberty.
Yet we are one step further from being free.

For those on the top.
We are bricks on a board.
They wave their hands and we are send abroad.
What is our business in a foreign land?
Supposedly to make a stand.

Ones again we’re going to war ext.

Who made the first strike.
No one really knows.
We’re firing up our missiles.
Gunning down the boats.
Hundreds of planes will crash down.
People scream as we blow up their town.

Ones again we’re going to war.

Going to war.
Again and again.
Shooting foes and loosing friends.
Again and again.
Another war.
What are we fighting for?

Ones again we’re going to war.


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