Godzilla (1998) (part 7 of 10)

Over near the Command Center, the Frenchies are still watching the Army through binoculars from their hotel room, and one Frenchy wonders about all the commotion down there. He then steals a piece of bacon off of Jean Reno’s plate, which leads to a dull, unamusing bit that you definitely do not want to know about. Trust me.

Anyway, they go back to eavesdropping on Mayor Ebert, who’s in a conference room hearing the Colonel’s plans to trap the big lizard in Central Park. The Mayor wonders if this is a good idea, since last time, they “didn’t even scratch him!” The Colonel says that’s not true, since Nick got a blood sample. Here, when he refers to Nick, he at first says “the worm guy”, but then corrects himself and actually pronounces Nick’s name correctly. Wow! That’s character development! When you’re Roland Emmerich, anyway.

The Colonel explains that all they need to do is get the creature into an open area and use weapons that don’t rely on heat seeking technology. Nick interrupts, explaining that the creature is “either about to lay eggs or already has!” Some guy in a suit asks if this means there’s another creature out there. Nick says there isn’t, and addresses this guy as “Governor”, so I guess things are slowly working their way up the command chain. Who knows, maybe if enough of the largest city in the United States is destroyed, someone might even wake the President.

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Multi-Part Article: Godzilla (1998)

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