Godzilla (1998) (part 6 of 10)

Anyway, back to the Death Star rip off. The helicopters are still chasing Godzilla and firing rounds of ammo, but they can’t hit him, and they continue to hit the buildings around him instead. And I’m sorry, but I really have to point out that none of the streets in Manhattan are even close to being laid out this way. For instance, there’s nowhere in the city where two different skyscrapers come together at a corner to form an L-shape. Not that Emmerich or Devlin seem to know or care about real street layouts, anyway (witness the major street leading directly up to the Empire State Building in Independence Day).

Anyway, the helicopters eventually lose Godzilla [?]. I find this somewhat difficult to believe. They then approach a big hole ripped through a skyscraper. All the choppers hover in front of this hole and fire indiscriminately at it. As a result, a huge fireball rips through the inside of the building, and the pilots stop firing.

One pilot immediately smiles and says, “I think we got him!” He says this, of course, because he wanted to put the jinx on all of his fellow pilots. Sure enough, Godzilla suddenly bursts through the skyscraper directly across the street [?]. Say what? Godzilla bats down one chopper that instantly explodes, then bites down on another. Soon we find Godzilla chasing down the remaining helicopter, trying to chomp it. To make the Death Star rip-off, oops, I mean “homage” complete, the pilot reports that “He’s right on my tail!” and “I don’t think I can shake him!” This is almost as apropos as that Max Headroom homage in Batman and Robin.

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Multi-Part Article: Godzilla (1998)

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