Godzilla (1998) (part 10 of 10)

Our heroes all take off running as Godzilla’s rampage begins anew. They run into an alley, but Godzilla follows them, smashing through the adjacent buildings. Audrey has an “Oh no I tripped” moment, allowing Nick to pull her away from Godzilla’s jaws in the Nick of time. Ha ha. “Nick” of time, get it? Damn, I am funny. Godzilla snaps at Our Gang, but an impervious chain link fence of the Walker Industries Research variety stops him cold.

They all hop into a cab, and Philippe uses a hunting knife [!!] to hotwire it. Of course, the real supposed hilarity here is that this particular cab has an ad on top saying “Re- Elect Mayor Ebert”, along with a picture of him with his thumb up. Okay, I’ll continue this review after I take a brief moment to roll on the floor laughing. There, I’m done.

The cab pulls off, but Godzilla appears in front of it, causing a pretty standard stunt jump as the cab rolls over one of the lizard’s toes and goes briefly up on two wheels. It lands and keeps going, and Animal uses the camera he nabbed from the MSG broadcast booth to videotape Godzilla as he chases them. He cries out, “You better step on it, Mr. French!” Oh no, not again. My sides are aching, I tell you!

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Multi-Part Article: Godzilla (1998)

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