Let’s Watch Prince Casually Destroy Everything In Sight With This Amazing Guitar Solo


If you want to check out this 2-minute clip of Prince absolutely MURDERING his guitar during a reworked version of “Something in the Water” from 1999, walk, don’t run, as Prince has been notorious for throwing up videos on his official YouTube page and then pulling them down whenever the mood strikes.

Damn if Prince is not the most effortless guitar player ever. He doesn’t sweat. He doesn’t make those guitar faces that suggest the guitarist is engaging extreme physical labor such as pulling a helicopter with his teeth. Prince just stands there being funky and awesome and sexy as fuck.

The clip is from Prince’s full show at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, and when you read the review of the show, you will be sad forevermore that you did not get to see this concert.

Dressed in a yellow suit over a matching turtleneck, and with his Afro grown out almost to the heights depicted on the cover of his 1978 debut, For You, Prince alternated between the two styles he has brought to the stage in the past year: horn-heavy soul grooves, backed by the latest incarnation of the New Power Generation, and stripped-down rock with the three-piece, all-female 3rd Eye Girl.

There was a 20-piece band with 11 horn players. Eleven horn players, people. For the last year or so, Prince has been doing these one-off shows in various locations, and while word is he’s gearing up for a full tour, there’s no official announcement but good lord it cannot come soon enough.

[Rolling Stone]

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  • AnOuthouse

    I don’t know, there was some guitar face in there. He definitely classes up rock ‘n’ roll with the go-go dancers. You can’t have enough of those.

  • Bob Dobalina

    Damn, it’s like you people have never seen a person play the electric guitar on a stage in a rock concert before. Yes, he’s a skilled guitarist, and that was nice and all, but it didn’t “destroy” anything.

    • Scooby

      I am with you. Well when the bar has been lowered so much over time, the simply really good things become incredible to those who never experienced them on a regular basis. I feel so lucky to have grown up when I did although I would have liked to have been around for the 60’s.

    • spandrelmatic

      That was good, but nowhere near Prince at his best. At his best, though, no one playing today can touch him.

      • Shorty_dammit

        Prince is not, was not, and never will be a great guitarist. He’s not even a good guitarist. He’s got plenty of songs that people love, but that’s not remotely related to his skill on the guitar, which is minimal. If you actually are interested in great guitar playing, meaning it actually requires skill to perform, here’s a small list of great guitar players and bands they’re in to get you started:Eddie Van Halen from Van HalenJoe SatrianiStevie Ray VaughanSteve Vai, his own solo stuff, first couple of David Lee Roth solo albumsKirk Hammett (and James Hetfield, for that matter) of MetallicaDave Navarro from Jane’s AddictionZakk Wylde from Ozzy’s band, and Black Label SocietyAnd the list goes on, and on, and on. But I’m sorry to have to break it to you, Prince does not belong anywhere near it. Being able to write good songs does not mean you are a good guitar player. Skill at an instrument and songwriting are completely separate things.

        • Bob Dobalina

          Shorty, you’re being a little extreme. Prince is a decent guitarist. I mean, it’s part of his overall musical ability. I can tell by your list that you have a bias toward heavy rock with some blues and metal influences, so Prince is likely not your cup of tea. He isn’t mine, either, but I’m not gonna be all, “Rawk! Rawk! The little disco man can’t play RAWK!”

          • Shorty_dammit

            Actually, I like quite a few Prince songs. I like a fair bit of music from all genres except modern country, actually. The few people I listed were just the first names off the top of my head that are/were greatly skilled guitar players. John Williams is another absolutely insane guitar player. He plays classical. But you probably never heard of him. You probably heard of the names I did list earlier, though.

          • Bob Dobalina

            Andrés Segovia is pretty decent, too, but I think that’s getting off-track.

        • Richard DiscoPup Dupler

          Reading your list, I thought:Has-beenWho?Last recording was when?Who?MehWho?Who?

        • nikki

          jesus christ man, sure all the artists you listed are TECHNICALLY skilled at playing guitar. but that’s it, none of them wrote any songs that are worth remembering. what’s amazing about Prince’s abilities is that he knows multiple instruments, composes multiple parts on his own, and CAN STILL SHRED on guitar as if he had been a heavy metal rocker the whole time. not only that, but Prince has written countless hits that still hold up today, and will continue to hold up.

          • Shorty_dammit

            They’ve all written many songs that are worth remembering. Prince can’t shred. He doesn’t possess the skill or ability to shred. This post was about Prince being insane on the guitar. Prince is not insane on the guitar. I already stated how Prince has written many songs that people love. This post, however, is not about Prince writing songs that people love. It is about him being amazing on guitar. But he is not amazing on guitar. Compared to people who actually are amazing on guitar, Prince absolutely sucks on guitar. I am better than Prince on guitar. And I suck at guitar.

        • rebecca

          You know what your list is missing? Ruyter fuckin’ Suys. And Cory Parks. And some other fucking SHREDDING chicks as well.

        • Mooderator

          Shorty, I get your point that Prince is a great songwriter and I recognize that his fingerings, even in this example are simple and repetitive, but guess what?, He was able to put them together in such a way that it made me feel something awesomely enjoyable. Music is just not a technical exercise. It’s also about what people can be made to feel. Prince just made me feel good. Joe Satriani can’t do that; his music is depressing, pretentious and boring to me. Eddie Van Halen, just boring. Stevie, meh. Metallica, no thanks. Dave Navarro, I’ll get back to you on that. Steve Vai, hell 2 the no. Shredding annoys me. It’s all a taste thing but the ability to make an audience feel your message beyond the mere ability to demonstrate a skill is what separatesthe men from the gods. For me Prince is one of the gods.

          • Shorty_dammit

            Music is an art. And as such, it is subjective. I already stated as much a few times now. But playing guitar is a skill. And skill, however, is not subjective. I do not care if you like or dislike Prince’s music. I do not care if you like or dislike the music of the small handful of people I listed, either. It’s music, and so, subjective. The point being made was that Prince is an amazing guitarist, and here’s an example of his amazing skills. But he is not an amazing guitarist. Sorry, but he isn’t. As I also stated more than once now, this has absolutely nothing to do with his musical ability. He’s an amazing songwriter, and a good performer, but *his guitar skills* are average. Plain and simple. (Side note: How is this depressing? http://youtu.be/7NJ_nzOckOQ Seems pretty upbeat to me.) 😉

          • Vanessa Lockridge


          • Michael Phillip Edwards

            LOVE you for that one. THANK YOU. CLEAR. Finally someone speaks up to the stale guitar purists who refuse to acknowledge when they are moved by anyone other than artists they’ve forced onto some list that WILL never change.

        • JB

          IMO, Prince is not a technically elite guitarist. However he is able to use his skills at guitar (and other instruments) to elicit an emotional response from his listeners.My favorite guitarist, who was both technically gifted and could cause an emotional or visceral reaction in his listeners was Stevie Ray Vaughan. His live performances were infinitely better than his recorded albums. I get what you are saying, but at the same time being a technical god on the guitar doesn’t necessarily mean your music will connect with a broad group of people. Music has feels 🙂

    • Kevin117

      Bob nails it. I think your hormones wrote this article girl.Watch a video of Al Dimeola for effortless playing.

      • aw, kitten. while taste is indeed subjective and reasonable minds can disagree and all that jazz, i think even some casual googling around the site would let you know that my hormones don’t swing the prince way, so i’m pretty confident i wasn’t just writing with my ladybits, but thanks for playing. have you considered that perhaps your marihuana-addled brain is the reason you are wedded to noodly jazz fusion?

        • Kevin117

          Wow1) Don’t use the stuff. 2) Al is just one example of “effortless playing” you spoke of. Posters mentioned others.3) Why so nasty? Struck a nerve?4) Don’t try to back peddle now. “Prince just stands there being funky and awesome and sexy as fuck.”You kinda sound like a Tiger Beat reviewer there.

          • hmmm…posters mentioned others, but you’re the only one foolish enough to assert that my drive to write the post/my love for prince was based on hormones and being a girl, which is as dumb a speculation as assuming you like jazz because of a beatnik brain, so you alone get the dubious privilege of a response.

          • Kevin117

            If a man had written your article I would have posted the same thing. And I’ll readily agree that Prince is a fantastic showman/entertainer. A great writer and multi-talented musician. THAT’S A LOT MORE THAN PLAYING GREAT GUITAR! But he is a good, not great guitarist. A better all-around entertainer, writer, singer, performer than the other guitarist mention. But that’s not the theme of your article.If you had said “Prince, the Di Vinci of Music”, you’d see little complaint here, I’d guess.

          • fair enough. let us fight no more. except i still don’t like jazz fusion, but i honestly think that’s more of a personal failing on my part, since i respect its place in the canon immensely, but just can’t quite click with it. (I don’t say this as fight-picking, but as olive branch)

          • Kevin117

            Check out the song ROMANIC WARROR by Return to Forever.

          • hhase

            Thanks for mentioning Music I like too!! (But it´s not ROMANIC but ROMANTIC !! ;-))

          • hhase

            Sorry for replying again – but the song I like by Return to Forever is called “Sorceress”

          • Annie Towne

            Lisa, promise that when you DO write with your lady parts, you’ll include pictures. Thank you.

          • sxip shirey

            it’s very typical for a male to make a snide comment like “your hormones wrote the article” then accuse YOU of being “nasty” .. he can dish it out but can’t take it. Now as a professional guitarist, among other things, I’ll say, and stand by it… Prince is a great guitarist. His solos are tasty and perfect.

        • Bob Dobalina

          Oh, you two!

        • sibergrrl

          i love you. thanks for “kitten” and the non swinging hormones. spit my coffee at this one. gawd one. more. minute of dimeola. tears.

        • hhase

          Even Prince played “noodly” jazz Fusion with quite famous “nooodly” jazz-musicians like Miles Davis or Wynton Marsalis

  • Connie Jennings

    Very very nice. Time for me to buy some new Prince music.

  • tegrat

    great artist, reminds me of Frank Zappa http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_q0nImsfMvE

    • Deleted

      This post was deleted.

    • Lippy

      I ADORE this solo! Thank you!(though I *ALWAYS HATE* the way that song ends in a strange and thematically unrelated overlay of travelling chords..)

  • Deleted

    This post was deleted.

  • MartinNYID

    Love Prince. Dislike the language. ‘MURDERING’??? I remember a time when making good music was not about “murder” or “destroying”. *sigh*

    • Idi “Big Daddy” Amin

      Oh, wind your neck in. Jimi Hendrix never set his guitar on fire? People didn’t describe his rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” as sounding like the Vietnam war? The Stooges never recorded a song called, literally, “Search and Destroy”?You sound like a really, really, really old man here.

  • Lippy

    *yawn* I just don’t like it.. what can I say?Not enough “melody” in that solo for me, and I get annoyed at his propensity to find a cute lick then proceed to REPEAT it 7 or 8 times when most other more-disciplined soloists would assume that their audience heard the tasty tidbit the first time and not drain all of the inspiration out of it for the sake of repetition.Not being a “hater” (though I DO kinda HATE Prince’s singing)..Gimme a tasty Todd Rundgren Is Fabulous solo any day over this repetitive and dynamically static bloat.

  • Todd Voeltz

    I like Prince for the most part and the solo is nice, but I am not sure if it is amazing. When compared to a lot of the ho hum bullshit music made these days I can see it being considered amazing. Watching old Gary Moore live shows or the likes of Paul Gilbert doing ‘My Guitar Gently Weeps’ when he was doing Yellow Matter Custard is what I think of more when it comes to amazing solo work. This is not a knock on Prince. I can only play drums and he knows about a dozen more instruments than I will ever learn to play. It is more the writer perhaps gushing a bit too much.

  • Steve Meyer

    Um, he actually does make all those guitar sex faces, I’m not sure how the author missed that.

  • Deleted

    This post was deleted.

  • hhase

    Prince disguised as Jimi Hendrix – but this is not the most amazing guitar solo