Go Watch The City Of San Francisco Fulfill This Awesome Little Batkid’s Make-A-Wish Dream Right Now – UPDATED

Extremely short version of the story, because you should be watching now. San Francisco got itself turned into Gotham for the day so that Miles, a five-year-old kid battling leukemia, could battle villains instead. People are thronging the shut-down streets, TV news is covering it live, and everyone watching on the internet is bawling their faces off.

Video livestream (sorry, no embedding) because it is happening RIGHT NOW is here.

Follow along in real time on Twitter by following the #SFBatKid hashtag.

Go watch it now so you can cry, cry, cry like the rest of us.

UPDATED: Oh, god, they even did a special edition of the San Francisco Chronicle for the day. This is the best thing ever.

Pix from twitter:




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  • Unholy Moses

    What? I’m not crying. I was cutting onions earlier.Just … yeah. Okay. Bit choked up right now. As a father, I can’t even imagine an ENTIRE FREAKING CITY doing something like that for my kid.

  • pollosmoky

    Damn you & all your happynicetime! I need more Kleenex.

  • gullywompr

    Geez Snipy, why not just spray onion juice in my eyes.

  • maco415

    And for those who can’t leave it alone for just one freaking dayhttp://sfist.com/2013/11/15/supervisor_eric_mar_tries_to_ruin_b.php

    • BMW

      I always gotta ask people like that, why’s it got to be one or the other?

  • BMW

    Great thing or greatest thing?