Go ahead and knock on Sarah Palin’s front door. Unless you’re a p*ssy.


Good news! If you just show up on Sarah Palin’s doorstep, she’ll put you on her TV show!

The half-term halfwit’s foray into public access-quality television at HBO prices just keeps getting better, assuming you’re only watching it for laughs.

Most recently, two wandering Jews from New Jersey popped by the Palin homestead uninvited. “Tourists, knockin’ on the door!” says Palin. “But at least they have the guts to do it!”


This seems like a weird thing for a public figure to encourage strangers to do, but I’ve never quite understood Sarah’s gentle wisdom before so why should this be any different.

Next thing you know, she’s mic’d up her  guests and shoved them on camera. What the hell, you’re not here for serious policy discussions anyway. And since they’re Jews, I bet you can guess what’s on Sarah’s mind:

Sarah: And Netanyahu, mmmm! I like ‘eem, I like ‘eem, I do, I do!

Guest 1: It’s crazy what’s goin’ on there now.

Sarah: It’s not right. Yeah, so…y’know, USA and Israel together, we can be…

Guest 2: More and more Jewish people are becoming Republicans because of what’s going on  .

Sarah: Yeah. I believe so too.

Guest 2: I mean, I have always voted Republican, since I was 18, which was not that long ago!

Sarah: I bet, yeah!

Yep, that’s the level of foreign policy discourse you can expect from Palin TV, which is not actually on TV, of course, but available online for the low, low price of $99 per year. Sign up now.

As always, if you just can’t believe this could honestly be an honest transcript, Wonkette’s got the video proof.

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