Where "Glee" Went Wrong… Or, A Look at FOX’s January Premieres


Looking forward to the final season to Glee? Of course not. But Fox has announced it’s 2015 starting lineup, with Glee returning to Fridays on January 9.

Glee was once a hot, clever show.  A popular show. Hell, it was even an Emmy-winning show—the hottest show on television! Now, you can use the scripts to line Lord Tubbington’s litter box, and the ratings are so bad they’ve only ordered 13 episodes for its final season. Most people agree that’s 13 episodes too many. What happened?


Well, it’s set in a high school. They made all those successful characters the audience actually gave a fucking crap about graduate. Then, they tried to replace them with brand new students who were CARBON COPIES of the originals! And by this I mean the real, old fashioned carbon copies, the kind that got dimmer and dimmer each time you tried to use them. For this batch, the carbon was ready for the trash right from the start.

Did you love Rachel Berry? Then you were sure to resent the ever-loving crap out of Marley Rose. Did you think Puck was the coolest guy ever? You might not be so enthusiastic about his little brother Jake, who was disgustingly lukewarm. Did you want to grab bitchy Quinn Fabray by her ponytail and shove her into a meat grinder? Five minutes with Kitty Wilde would have you begging Quinn to come home, all sins forgiven. As the new kids took over, the awards buzz lowered to a whisper and then rose again to a derisive cackle as the ratings went into the dumpster.

The worst part: while swearing up and down that these new kids would now be the focus of the show, the producers kept the most successful older characters around—Rachel, Kurt, Santana, and of course, Finn, until the tragic death of Cory Montieth. Not only were there a bunch of terrible new characters, but the show was so clogged with characters they couldn’t give anybody a coherent storyline. And that is how Glee became Glum. Now circling the drain, if you wish to pay some last respects.

Joining Glee on Fridays is World’s Funniest Fails, a YouTube clip show (a la Tosh.0) but with multiple comedians providing commentary (a la I Love the ‘90s). But WFF won’t premiere until a week after Glee, and there are whispers that FOX wants a better show title by then.

Premiering the same week as Glee are the new season of MasterChef Junior (Tuesday, Jan. 6) and American Idol (Wednesday, Jan. 7).

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