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After 4/20, Phil’s out of weed, and nothing makes him feel his sobriety more than when a teen musical soap opera decides to remind everyone of the worst tragedies in recent memory. It’s “Shooting Star”, the school shooting episode of Glee!

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TV Show: Glee

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  • I still think lea michelle is really Hot!! She should be a huge pop/Rock star!!!

  • Alexa

    I stopped watching right after the Ricky Horror episode. Tuned in one other time during a Christmas episode where they were doing carols in classes, and a teacher threw a shoe at them. It was dumb as fuck.
    Suffice to say I really hate Ryan Murphy, all of his shows (with the slight exception of American Horror Story which I will admit has good moments but has insanely annoying and dumb main characters) are all really fucking stupid. He and his writers think they’re clever, but they’re just delusional, smug, and really insipid in their writing.

    • I disagree. I think The New Normal is if Glee were good and it’s legit funny. And if you are interested, I’ve covered both of those episodes of Glee you mentioned in my older episodes, lol!

      • Alexa

        Yeah I saw those previous episodes, and you pretty much addressed all the things wrong with both of them. And I really tried watching The New Normal, but it just didn’t take, it may not be as annoying or stupid as Glee, it still got on my nerves. The characters and the writing just didn’t work for me.

        • I gotcha, there’s stuff I just don’t like too. I can see why it could get annoying, but I really liked it.

  • fish eye no miko

    I was pissed off at the revelation about the who the shooter why the gun went off, all of that shit… Gyah.

    Oh, and the gun goes off when Becky drops it. … GUNS. DON’T. WORK THAT WAY!

    • Cristiona

      They completely undermined any potential drama with that copout. Oh, oopsie! Just an accident!

      • fish eye no miko

        Yeah, exactly! It’s also, imo, one of those endings that retroactively ruins the whole episode.

        • You are so right, on the second viewing I was so mad the whole time.