Give money now or we’ll make you watch this show about dying kids

red band society

Watching children slowly die of terminal diseases sounds excruciating to me, but that’s only because I have a heart and a conscience. Maybe it’s exactly what you’re looking for in a TV show, you demented freak. Fox certainly hopes so.

Fox’s Red Band Society debuts Wednesday, Sept. 17, but if you just can’t wait for all the pediatric cancer ward fun to begin, there’s something you can do to bring the pilot episode to the internet early. Oh, and raise money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital and other charities, as if that’s important.


Just share some crap from the show’s website on your Facebook page, and Fox’ll donate a buck to the cause. If your friends click the link, that’s another dollar in the kitty. The goal is $100K.

Of all the crass marketing ploys capitalizing on children’s charities to boost a show’s ratings, this is probably one of the best designed. Of course, a recent study shows that when celebrities try to boost charities, all the warm fuzzies felt by the public go towards the celebrity and not the charity.

Personally, I’d donate money directly to St. Jude NOT to have to watch a show about dying children. Say, I think I’ll do that. Maybe you wanna join me?

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