Girlfriend-Beating Tech Dude Saved The Emails From His Cool Tech Friends Who Don’t Mind Lady-Beating

Girlfriend-Beating Tech Dude Saved The Emails From His Cool Tech Friends Who Don't Mind Lady-Beating

Remember Gurbaksh Chahal? He’s the cool dude tech guy who beat the shit out of his girlfriend but then pleaded down to two misdemeanor battery counts so he could keep his job as CEO of RadiumOne. Except then RadiumOne fired him anyway. Since then Chahal’s been on a whineathon and has just released the emails of support board members sent him after his plea deal.

Chahal sent the following emails from his board members to CNN’s Laurie Segall:

“I’d say congrats but that doesn’t fit for someone targeted by extortionists (some of them elected), so I’ll just say it’s good to have it behind you,” director Bob Latta replied.

“Huge Congratulations! That’s great news,” board member Steve Westly responded.

“I am so happy for you that this is behind you. Best, as always,” David Silverman replied.

“DELIGHTED for you amigo – onwards and upwards!!,” Robin Murray said.

We’d like to think those type of emails wouldn’t really be the kind of emails we would send if a coworker beat his girlfriend and then was able to cut a plea deal with no jail time. Of course, we are also the kind of people that would have fired the dude right after we heard there was a fucking tape of him beating his girlfriend and a criminal complaint filed in August 2013, and not waited around for an internet shitstorm to start instead. But that is probably why we are not cool dude tech bro zillionaires.

We are also not good at blaming everyone else on earth for our bad behavior. Chahal has tried to pin the blame for his situation on the victim, alleging she was a prostitute, the district attorney for witch-hunting him, maybe because of politics (?), and the board for being nice to him and then firing him anyway. What a mean two-faced board!!

We are, sadly, sure that this scumbag will land on his feet, because we assume there’s plenty of Silicon Valley denizens who don’t see the whole domestic violence conviction as that big of a deal and know full well that we’ll all stop paying attention to this fine specimen of humanity in a few weeks, tops.


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