VIDEO: Gingerdead Man 2: The Passion of the Crust (2008)

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From the Blood Splattered Archives: The Guru takes on the sequel to a film about a killer gingerbread man. Yes, this film also exists… and it’s glorious!

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  • Zee Panda

    I would absolutely watch the haunted dildo film.

    • The Horror Guru

      Hells yeah! Haunted Dildo sounds like an AMAZING film idea. =)

  • Cheshire Cat

    How about an alien possessed penis. Specifically, Ron Jeremy’s, in a little gem called “One-Eyed Monster”.

    • The Horror Guru

      I love One-Eyed Monster! =)

  • danbreunig

    I just lost it at the Superfriends!

    • The Horror Guru

      Glad you liked that bit! =)

  • Jerry Nava

    Loved this review, Josh you’re awesome

    • The Horror Guru

      Thanks dude! =)