Gigli (2003) (part 8 of 8)

Okay, so all we’re left with on our movie itinerary is Gigli and Ricki dropping Brian off and getting the hell out of Dodge. Sounds quick and simple, but of course, it isn’t.

As the three walk across the beach parking lot, we see trailers, gaffers, deliverymen, and other film-related crew setting up for what appears to be a Gilligan’s Island reunion show. It’s like they knew the movie was so bad, they had to put all the behind the scenes people on camera just to keep the budget down. I like to think of Ben or J-Lo coming back from a lunch break, only to find his/her trailer gone.

Ben/J-Lo: Where’s my trailer?!
Production Assistant: Oh, they’re using it for the beach shoot.

Gigli, Brian, and Ricki stop at the end of the parking lot, a little bit above the beach, and we see a slew of beach-going extras walking toward several small square stages built of straw. So I guess all was good, until the Big Bad Wolf showed up.

Caption contributed by Torgo's Hand

“You guys wanted to see if there was a worse movie out there? I give you Piñata: Survival Island!”

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Torgo's Hand

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Multi-Part Article: Gigli (2003)

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