Gigli (2003) (part 6 of 8)

Once Ricki pulls Gigli aside, she tells him she’s having cold feet about chopping off Brian’s thumb. Because, you know, all bad-ass mofo mob hitmen would have second thoughts in this kind of situation.

Gigli, much like the audience, is really not buying her change of heart, and suggests she’s really giving him some kind of test. He asks is she’s “a contractor with a conscience”. Trust me, Ben, nobody with a conscience would have signed onto this movie in the first place.

Ricki says she’s done some “bad things” in the past, which we are totally not buying, but adds, “I didn’t sign onto this to be a brutal street thug!” Uh, so why exactly would you sign onto the assignment of kidnapping a retard? She says this isn’t the job she took, and I have to wonder what kind of job she thought she was taking. Did she think she was interviewing to be a nanny?

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Multi-Part Article: Gigli (2003)

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  • Tony

    I recall this film was so bad it was pulled from UK cinemas after two weeks.

  • RadioChuck

    What was w/that whole Baywatch running gag throughout the movie? If it was an attempt by the writers to be “hip”, they missed that boat by about a decade, not to mention that the series had been cancelled a good 2 1/2 years before this bomb hit theaters.

  • Unknown

    Even Ben Affleck couldn’t defend this. When he appeared on The Tonight Show after this movie, he read excerpts from the bad reviews; I’m surprised you left the line “Save $9.50 and your dignity.” out of your review excerpts.