Gigli (2003) (part 3 of 8)

(Random Note: In a bizarre coincidence, this is only the second film I’ve seen starring Jennifer Lopez, the first being Anaconda!)

Abruptly, Ricki takes a turn for the nasty, saying, “You know, I’d heard you were a bit of a fuck-up. But I gotta tell you; I’m frankly amazed at how much of a fuck-up you actually are.” Translation: “You know, I’d heard about Armageddon, Forces of Nature and Daredevil. But I gotta tell you; I’m frankly amazed at how much you suck at picking scripts.”

Gigli, obviously confused, asks, “Am I missing something here?” Apart from a brain? Ricki tells him to call Louis, and he’ll explain the situation. Gigli denies knowing Louis, which is a stupid action to say the least, since it’s pretty obvious that Ricki knows about the whole scheme.

She goes on to reveal that Louis didn’t think Gigli was competent enough to keep Brian there by himself. Not without reason, actually, as so far Gigli has proven himself to have the intelligence of my pet mice. (Crap, I hope they didn’t hear me write that!)

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David Bowgett

While my website may have fallen off this Earth due to a negligent host and my own time constraints, rest assured I still keep my eyes on what the world of horrid films has to offer, and am still yet to have my say on a few of them!

Multi-Part Article: Gigli (2003)

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