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People the world over have heard how bad this movie is, but few have actually seen it. Written and directed by Martin Brest and starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, Gigli is an absolute train wreck of a movie about a gangster and a pseudo-lesbian hired to kidnap a federal prosecutor’s retarded son. And sure enough, the guy pretending to be mentally handicapped is far more believable than Ben Affleck pretending to be a gangster. Just watch.

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  • StevePotter

    I’m just gonna say this: the part in the beginning with the gun is one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen on one of these online reviews.

    • John Sco

      Haha, what, the part where I put the gun to my head and then grab it away with my other hand?

  • J.K.

     When I first watched Gigli, I didn’t understand the
    antipathy that had been expressed towards this film. Sure, it was a little dull
    and the dialogue a little hokey at times, but that doesn’t make a film ‘one of
    the worst movies ever’. It should have simply been yet another forgettable movie.
    So I considered the movie for a bit and I think I know why; the movie violates some
    deeply rooted expectations. It violates our expectations by not adhering to
    classic gender roles. You could switch the genders of the two leads (with a
    couple of dialogue tweaks), it would have gone over a lot better because their behavior
    would have been a lot more consistent with what we are conditioned to expect from each gender.
    Because it violates deeply rooted expectations without a compelling reason why,
    most people express disgust.

    Even the video review here
    reinforces that notion. There were a couple of valid complaints about the film,
    but the majority of it was centered around the male lead not being manly enough (being incompetent/effeminate)
    and the female lead being emasculating. The disappointing thing is that
    reactions like this are why Hollywood is afraid of taking risks. They don’t
    know which parts of the formula they can change without spawning such distaste.

    • John Sco

      My problem was that it was just plain poorly written. With better writing the role reversals could have worked great and would have made for a few hilarious moments of situation comedy.  

  • Elfshotthefood

    I think this is one of those movies where it’s more entertaining to read/watch scathing critiques of it than it is to actually watch the movie.

  • Cristiona

    I can only assume that Walken will accept any script put in front of him.  How else can you explain this.  Or Country Bears?

    • Liam Barrett

      Walken I believe has always been upfront about the fact that he will sometimes take roles JUST for the money. He’s not alone there. Case in point, Michael Caine once famously said he did Jaws: The Revenge because he wanted a new house with a swimming pool.