Giant Chinese newspaper building shaped like a total penis will haunt your dreams forever

Giant Chinese Newspaper Building Shaped Like A Total Penis Will Haunt Your Dreams Forever

Seriously, what can we say about this thing that you aren’t thinking already? Yep, that is a building that looks like a giant gold-plated penis. Close to 500 feet of penis. Even better, it is the official headquarters of the People’s Daily newspaper in China, because why not.


Now, it is permissible, though kind of surprising, if you don’t see a giant penis, but it is unforgivable if you think it is a penguin:

In an interview earlier this year, the architect, Zhou Qi, said he knew of some of the comparisons being drawn between his building and other objects.

“People say it’s like a chamber pot, or a penguin. So what. There are always these voices. I don’t mind a bit,” he told the news Web site

A chamber pot? That’s a better selling point? We did the heavy lifting for you and googled other pictures of the thing, and guess what? Penis, penis, penis, penis, penis, penis.


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