Ghost Rider (2007) (part 6 of 6)

Next, Ghost Rider gets on his bike and blasts through the roof’s retaining wall into mid-air. This is a signature scene, as we hear an orchestra swell on the soundtrack, and we watch in slow-motion as he whips his chain over his head and latches onto the building, planting his wheels back onto the edifice. Now he races down the side, destroying even more windows in the process. By my estimate, this city will be facing bankruptcy within a month simply from the repair work needed as a result of his bike tours.

He crashes down in front of all the police, with much debris underfoot as he spots Roxanne. He gets off and approaches her, but before reconciliation can occur, the cops unload about 5,000 rounds of ordnance into Ghost Rider. This manages to annoy him, probably because they put holes in his brand new jacket. He blasts out a wall of fire and gets back on his bike to escape.

Caption contributed by Martini Shark

“Hey, my bad. Call my agent over at Longhorn, they should cover all this damage.”

But Blackheart is looking down on the scene, and after spotting Roxanne, he declares he now knows Ghost Rider’s weakness. I have to ask, when will it ever occur to a villain to simply go after the hero’s love interest right from the start? Why is this something they always have to figure out later on?

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Multi-Part Article: Ghost Rider (2007)

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