Ghost Rider (2007) (part 3 of 6)

Next, we go back to the biker lounge, where hiding behind the bar is a comely blonde with deep emotional issues. What? Anyone as hot as her and working in a dive like this has to be either a self-esteem train wreck, or a meth addict.

She peers over the bar to see all the patrons are frozen in death poses. Then Blackheart grabs her by the throat, and she shrivels into a corpse as well. This has to be the most extreme dine and dash incident in recorded history.

Caption contributed by Martini Shark

Resort to using cheap foundation makeup, and you will regret it.

With everyone dead, an apparition appears from the dust and peanut shells on the floor. Another apparition materializes in a tower of water, and a third flies in from a cloud of dark mist. This trio is Gressil, Wallow, and Abigor, three elemental demons that Blackheart enlists to go into combat for him. Apparently, weaseling out of fighting your battles runs in the family.

Caption contributed by Martini Shark

“I still can’t believe I never got that callback from my Eclipse audition!”

They ask Blackheart what he wants with them, and so he launches into the story of the contract of San Vanganza. He says it’s hidden in a graveyard nearby, and he wants it so they can all rule this world.

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Multi-Part Article: Ghost Rider (2007)

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