Ghost Rider (2007) (part 2 of 6)

That night, however, Johnny finds Dad asleep, and then in the trash he discovers a letter from Dad’s doctor telling him he has cancer. He must have a terrible HMO where they don’t even bother to give patients this kind of news in person. These days, he’d probably have an oncologist who uses Twitter to deliver his biopsy results in under 140 characters.

After that, Johnny gets a visit from a stranger, who causes light bulbs to explode just by walking past them.

Caption contributed by Martini Shark

Hey, at least it’s a good excuse to switch out to compact fluorescents.

The mysterious figure enters the tent where Johnny is working on his bike, and he knows all about the cancer diagnosis. And during this conversation, there are roughly seven hundred lightning flashes, one of which casts this odd shadow on the wall of the tent, letting us know this man is actually The Devil Incarnate. Or possibly, Olive Oyl’s grandfather.

Caption contributed by Martini Shark

This shadow puppet is nowhere near as good as his “barking dog”.

The stranger is here to offer Johnny a proposal. He’ll make his father as healthy as a horse, and in exchange, he’ll own Johnny’s soul. And the man happens to have a parchment at the ready for the deal, and Johnny looks it over, pretending he knows how to read Latin. While reading, he cuts his finger on the scroll, with a drop of blood falling on the signature line, and Lucifer declares this will do just fine to seal the transaction. Thus, Johnny has become indentured, but without any witness signatures, or even a notary; I’m pretty sure a decent lawyer could easily get him out of this contract.

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Multi-Part Article: Ghost Rider (2007)

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