Ghost (1990) (part 6 of 8)

Cut back to the police station, where Demi is staring at Whoopi’s various mug shots and rap sheets. It seems there’s no file for Willie Lopez, but there is one for Whoopi. And, boy, this precinct must be begging for business to be able to find a file that quickly.

Demi stammers that Whoopi knew things, personal things. The detective explains that some con artists read the obits, and she probably saw “banker” and something clicked.

Demi insists that Whoopi knew things that only she and Patrick could know. He tells her that some con artists will even go through your garbage. I’m not sure how that matters, unless Demi recently threw away the green underwear she wrote her name in.

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Jessica Ritchey

Born in Western North Carolina, Juniper was discovered in a filthy shack in the lovely Blue Ridge Mountains, speaking a made up language to a tattered rag doll, her only companion. Her social skills have improved little in the intervening years. She is currently making flailing efforts at being a freelance writer. One of history's supreme procrastinators she plans on writing a book about it someday.

Multi-Part Article: Ghost (1990)

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