Ghost (1990) (part 5 of 8)

Cut to Whoopi’s apartment, where her assistants tend to her. She mutters in shock that she has “the gift”. It seems her mother and grandmother had it, but she thought it had passed her by. Would that be the “funny” gene?

Patrick paces around her apartment, telling his story. He’s not so much begging as he is insisting that she help. After watching her hold a one-sided conversation, her assistants Sassylifea and Clichéaronda decide to phone a doctor.

Patrick wants her to relay a message to Demi: The guy who killed him broke into their apartment, and he’s coming back. He says Whoopi only has to make a simple phone call.

Whoopi places a call to Demi, who answers the phone while cooking dinner. Whoopi starts to relay the message, but when she gets to the part about how the message is from Patrick, Demi abruptly hangs up. And a cutaway to Demi shows her… well, looking slightly peeved, is all. More like a telemarketer called her during a particularly diverting episode of Desperate Housewives, rather than someone struggling to bat down waves of aching grief.

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Jessica Ritchey

Born in Western North Carolina, Juniper was discovered in a filthy shack in the lovely Blue Ridge Mountains, speaking a made up language to a tattered rag doll, her only companion. Her social skills have improved little in the intervening years. She is currently making flailing efforts at being a freelance writer. One of history's supreme procrastinators she plans on writing a book about it someday.

Multi-Part Article: Ghost (1990)

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