Children’s Book Character ‘Squishy Blueberry’ Teaches Emotional Intelligence

Children's Book Character 'Squishy Blueberry' Teaches Emotional Intelligence

Sometimes, people send us emails. They send us emails because they want us to write about A Thing or because they want us to know about A Thing or because they have feelings or because someone in their office added us to a database entitled “Why The Fuck Not?” And sometimes we oblige these people by discussing their product/movement/mission in ways they perhaps did not expect, but will surely enjoy. Thus do we introduce to you children’s book character “Squishy Blueberry.”


To: Sara Benincasa

From: [Redacted]

Subject: Children’s Book Character ‘Squishy Blueberry’ Teaches Emotional Intelligence

Hello Sara:

We wanted to reach out to you on behalf of Amanda I. Greene’s new children’s book “When You are Blue.” The book’s lead character, Squishy Blueberry, teaches “Emotional Intelligence” to children while nurturing the imagination through vibrant illustrations and clever rhymes. Greene saw how education is so focused on teaching ways to live a fulfilling life through learning about the outside world; and, without undermining this important aspect of learning, she wanted to create a series of books that also encourage young people to look inward.

There’s more to the above message, but you get the gist. The email raises many questions, including but not limited to the following: Why is the blueberry squishy? Is it overripe? Is it about to rot? If so, does this signify death for the emotionally intelligent blueberry? Is this actually a story about death? These are questions that may never be answered, unless you buy this book.

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