How to Get Away with Murder RECAP: Hello Raskolnikov... or, We're All in This (Murder) Together (S1:E10)

How to Get Away With Murder is back! I am so happy that now I have something to live for, especially on Thursdays!

That sounded less pathetic in my head.

It’s been awhile since the winter finale so let’s recap real quick:

  • America’s Next Top Lawyers accidentally killed Sam, Annalise’s husband, and they agreed to hide the evidence together from the cops and are praying that Annalise never finds out
  • However, Annalise knows about the murder and actually advised Dean Thomas on how to cover it up, unbeknownst to the other ANTLs
  • Well, she is their professor. And she does call their class “How to Get Away with Murder.”
  • Sam is all but confirmed to be Lila’s murderer–he was having an affair with her, she was pregnant with his baby, and he doesn’t have an alibi for the night of her death. Too bad Goth Girl might be going down for it.
  • Who’s Sleeping with Who: Annalise + Nate the Hot Cop, Laurel + Frank but not anymore, Asher + Bonnie but only once so far, and Goth Girl + Wes (blech)

It’s only the day after Sam’s murder/disappearance, but it’s kind of hard to believe that when Annalise has a new wig and a new wardrobe. However, the cops in HTGAWM land are dumb and ineffectual. They don’t comment on Annalise’s new look and completely buy her story that Sam skipped town and she has nothing to do with it.

Well, that’s technically true. I mean, she wasn’t the one who burned his body and then dumped it somewhere.


Flashback time! On the night of the murder, Annalise came back to the house and let out a horrible wail when she discovered Sam’s body. Then she remembered that she didn’t like him and just sat at her desk until Dean Thomas came back for the murder weapon. This begs the question, what exactly would Annalise have done if Dean Thomas didn’t go back? Was she going to sit in the office all night? Call up the ANTLs and ask them to move the body for her anyway?

I mean, they’re her interns but I think that might be outside their job description.

Dean Thomas admits that he killed Sam, but Annalise tells him not to worry about it. “He killed that girl and for that he deserved to die,” she says. Dang, I know Sam is awful and everything, but that’s so cold from a woman who was just sobbing over his body. If she didn’t have tear stains on her cheeks, you’d think she was just giving Dean Thomas her coffee order.

HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER RECAP: Hello Raskolnikov... or, We're All in This (Murder) Together (S1:E10)

“Burn the body, dump it, then get me a latte with extra foam.”

The police allow Annalise to leave the station but want to question the ANTLs about Sam’s disappearance. Back at Casa Keating, the ANTLs are nervously watching the cops go through the house. Actually, Connor is the only one freaking out. He’s tweaking so hard that I’m starting to think maybe the fake drug use story he told Oliver might be true. Connor asks what would happen if one of them went to the police and tried to pin the crime on the rest. Connor thinks he’s being slick by proposing this hypothetical as if someone else would do it, but it’s clear that he’s got 9-1-1 ready to dial.

Laurel calmly replies that everyone else in the group will turn on the tattletale and bury them. Michaela and Connor’s reaction are so priceless!


But Laurel does not care!!!!


“Snitches get stitches, yo.”

I love how #RideOrDie Laurel is for murder and she’s not even particularly close with Goth Girl or Annalise. Speaking of which, Annalise returns to the house and asks to speak to Dean Thomas alone. Michaela hopefully asks if the ANTLs will be exempt from the exam since hello, they’re involved in a real police investigation, but Annalise is like, “No dice.”

In her office, Dean Thomas begs Annalise to let him reveal to the ANTLs that Annalise knows about Sam’s death so they’ll all calm down. “If they know you’re helping us–” he begins, but Annalise cuts him off.

“I’m not helping you; I’m helping myself!” she says. “Man, you guys think I like you? I’m just covering my ass here.”

Annalise tells the whole group that all they have to do is prove that Sam is connected to Lila’s murder and they can explain his disappearance as him skipping town to avoid punishment–and Goth Girl will be free to go as an added bonus.


Speaking of which, the prosecutor, a.k.a. Fig from Orange Is the New Black, is pissed that Annalise is claiming that Sam was Lila’s murderer. All Fig wants to do is lock Goth Girl up and throw away the key, and now Sam’s involvement will threaten her conviction. Fig accuses Annalise being so scared of losing the trial that she’s throwing Sam under the bus. First of all, Annalise is never scared. Second,  Sam is the guilty one and Goth Girl shouldn’t do time for his crime. I can’t believe I’m defending Goth Girl like this, so get out, Fig, before I lose my mind.


The Fig has left the building.

Dean Thomas has his interview with the police, and all he admits is that he is dating Goth Girl. “You’re dating your client?” they ask.

“Yeah, but it’s okay. It’s technically allowed since I’m not a lawyer,” explains Dean Thomas.

“Okay, but still…ew, why her?” they ask.

Speaking of, Annalise takes Goth Girl into her office and apologizes. Even Goth Girl knows this is a big deal.

Annalise blames herself and says that if they had just gone to the police when they figured out Sam was having an affair with Lila, Goth Girl would be free by now. Goth Girl knows how hard it is for Annalise to apologize, especially to a Goth of all people, and she accepts… although she quickly starts to figure out something ain’t right. She asks Dean Thomas if Annalise really doesn’t know anything, and to his credit, Dean Thomas is finally able to keep a big secret.

At Casa Keating, Annalise outlines the plan to prove Sam was Lila’s murderer and get Goth Girl free. Laurel and Frank have to work together to send Sam’s DNA sample to the lab, and he tries to flirt with her to no avail. Laurel is still mad that Frank was cheating on his girlfriend with her. “Uh, don’t you have a boyfriend too?” he reminds her.

“That’s different. He’s only been in, like, two episodes,” she snaps.

Connor teams up with his IT Boy Toy to track Sam’s movements on the night of Lila’s death. Connor not so subtly tries to ask if IT Boy Toy is dating someone else. IT Boy Toy not so subtly informs Connor that he is dating an underwear model and is only helping Connor in order to tell him that.

Unfortunately, they can’t come up with any evidence of Sam’s whereabouts until Dean Thomas suggests looking at Sam’s laptop. Since most phones have some sort of location services on them and Sam backed up his phone to his computer, there might be evidence they can use there.


“Ah, the student is slowly becoming the master. Very slowly.”

Unfortunately, Bonnie’s attempt to get the laptop out of police custody fails because Fig doesn’t want anything to interfere with getting a conviction. At Dean Thomas’s apartment, the ANTLs are trying to come up with defenses, but Connor keeps inciting everyone’s paranoia by not so jokingly asking who is going to be Raskolnikov, the guy from Crime and Punishment who confesses to murder out of sheer guilt.


Dean Thomas tells him to shut up and focus on Goth Girl’s case, but Michaela pronounces it unwinnable. “Uh, sitting right here!” pipes up Goth Girl. She also decides to be useful and mentions that Lila went to a birth control clinic on the week of her murder so maybe Sam tried to get her to have an abortion.

Unfortunately, Fig blocks Annalise from getting security footage at the clinic and is annoyingly smug about it.


Punch her! Punch her from behind! There’s nothing cowardly about it!

Laurel is up for her interrogation, and the detectives don’t like her monotone way of talking so they’re like, “Are you sure there’s something you’re not telling us?” Laurel just makes up a story about how Sam used to look at her in a sexual way and begs the police not to tell Annalise. The police are satisfied that they got a secret and move on.

Back at Casa Keating, Connor tries to convince Michaela to snitch with him, but she would rather get into Annalise’s good graces. She finds a legal precedent that allows Annalise to get security footage from the clinic so suck on that, Fig! Plus, the DNA results are in on Lila’s baby. Frank offers to be Annalise’s Maury and hold her hand when she reads the results. And Sam…


Frank notices that it’s weird that Annalise is so relieved that her husband did cheat on her and impregnate another woman, so he asks what’s up. Annalise is like, “Okay, I’ll let you know, but you CAN’T tell Bonnie.” What are they, in middle school?

In court, the successful DNA match and the security footage that shows Sam and Lila arguing in the clinic is enough to convince the judge to order Fig to hand over Sam’s laptop. Score: Annalise 2, Fig 0.


Just glare at her resentfully like we all do, Fig.

Michaela is up next to be interviewed, and the police ask why Connor’s car was at Casa Keating. Michaela smoothly explains that they parked at the house because they couldn’t find parking near the bonfire. She seems to have aced the interview, but thanks to Connor, Michaela has gotten all paranoid. She agrees to be on #TeamSnitch, and Connor says that now they just need to get Laurel on their side.

Laurel is about to enter court when Frank takes her aside and calls her a hypocrite for getting so mad at him for cheating when she did something much worse. Laurel is confused and then realizes that Frank might know about their murder. Connor and Michaela approach Laurel and ask to speak to her privately. When Laurel brushes them off, Connor threatens to ruin her if she doesn’t snitch.


“Uh, excuse me?”

In court, the laptop proves that Sam was at Lila’s house on the night of the murder and definitely had a window to kill her. “My client did not impregnant Ms. Stangard, nor did she take her to an abortion clinic with hopes of terminating said pregnancy,” says Annalise. “That would totally be my husband instead, and he’s the one who should be on trial here.” The judge agrees and Goth Girl is free to go. Now the ANTLs can sleep soundly knowing that even though they killed a man, they killed one that was totally guilty.


Annalise goes to the bathroom and overhears two women trash talking about her and making snide comments how “heartless” Annalise was to “sell out” her husband just to add another win to her career. Uh, were these women in the court room?! Sam got another girl pregnant, tried to convince her to get an abortion against her will, and probably killed her. Annalise is not going to stand for basic white bitches judging her so she walks out of the bathroom stall to let them know she heard everything they said about her.


It’s lucky they’re in a bathroom because they’re about to pee themselves.

Connor and Michaela corner Laurel again and demand that she become a snitch too. She points out that they basically proved Sam is the killer, but Michaela reminds her that now the police are really going to be looking for him to bring him to trial. Oh yeah. That was the one flaw in their plan. Laurel agrees to turn on Dean Thomas and Goth Girl.

That night, she meets Connor and Michaela in front of the police station… but guess who else is there? Annalise and Dean Thomas!


“Told you I was #TeamRideOrDie.”

From Frank’s comment, Laurel figured out that this means he knows, which means Annalise knows. She confronted Dean Thomas, and he convinced Annalise to reveal the truth. “They don’t know that we know that you know,” says Dean Thomas to Annalise. “Let’s just tell them so Connor will stop tweaking like a meth head and we can stop re-enacting that episode of Friends.”

Annalise tells Connor and Michaela that she can help them get away scot free as long as they get off #TeamSnitch and get with the program. “It’s in the damn title of the show,” she says. Michaela and Connor agree not to talk to the police…for now.

In class, Annalise gives a final exam that sounds suspiciously like the circumstances of Sam’s death. That’s awfully cocky of her. I mean, isn’t someone going to notice that? Especially when you’ve got the ANTLs sweating bullets and looking around nervously when she said it?

At the end of the episode, Bonnie informs Annalise that she has a visitor…Sam’s sister!

What we learned this week about getting away with murder:

  • Keep calm
  • Don’t snitch

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