How to Get Away with Murder RECAP: Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me... Or, The One Where They Finally Kill Sam (S1:E9)

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Previously on How to Get Away with Murder:

  • America’s Next Top Lawyers and Goth Girl are going to be involved in Sam’s death
  • Sam impregnated Lila and might have killed her
  • Bonnie was fired by Annalise for lying to her
  • Laurel dumped Frank for being gross, and Michaela’s future mother-in-law tried to get her to sign a pre-nup
  • That’s about it. Let’s hurry up and find out who killed Sam!

It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for…we’re finally going to find out who killed Sam! Yay! I hope his death is a violent one because he is a shady jerk. Remember when we first started the show and we were like, “Oh my God, I can’t believe they’re going to kill Sam!” and now that we know that he impregnated one of his students and lied about the affair and doesn’t have an alibi for the night of the murder, it’s like, “Eh.”

At Casa Keating, Annalise is packing a suitcase for Sam. “To the left, to the left! Everything you own in a box to left!” she says as she throws his clothes at him. She is furious that a) Sam lied about impregnating Lila and b) kissed Bonnie in an attempt to make Bonnie keep her mouth shut. “I don’t know which one to be more disgusted by,” she says. “I’m done saving your ass!”


Meanwhile, Connor, Laurel, and Dean Thomas are rushing over to Casa Keating at a rate of five miles per hour. They can’t go very fast because people keep cutting in front of the car on their way to the bonfire, which is very frustrating because the ANTLs need to stop Goth Girl. “Speaking of which, why are we going to save Goth Girl when we could be studying?” asks Connor.

“Oh yeah, I forgot you guys don’t know: Sam killed Lila. Goth Girl is trying to get some evidence that proves it, and we need to go over there before she gets caught,” explains Dean Thomas. “So drive a little faster, yeah?

Laurel is quick to believe Dean Thomas while Connor can’t stop laughing at the absurdity of it all. I think he’s forgotten the type of TV show that he is on.

Can’t we just go to the library?

“Can’t we just go to the library?”

“I’m not a violent man, Annie,” protests Sam as Annalise tries to throw him out. She accuses him murdering Lila to protect his reputation as a good, upstanding guy and using his marriage to her, a black woman, to hide his evil actions. Sam points out that Annalise is only angry because she spent so much time covering for Sam that now she can’t turn him in lest she implicate herself as an accomplice after the fact. Knowing this is the truth, Annalise blurts out that she is having an affair with Nate to hurt Sam. “I think of him every time I am with you!” she claims.

“And I think of Lila every time I try to get off with you!” shoots back Sam.

You think about a dead girl that you possibly murdered as you have sex with your wife? Okayyyy.

Enraged, he attempts to choke Annalise, which really goes against that “I’m not a violent man” claim he had going on. And he wonders why people think he is capable of murder. Annalise laughs as best as a person can whilst being choked and dares him to strangle her.

Sam pulls away and calls her a monster. Annalise laughs at that insult and dares Sam to do better. “You want the truth?” he asks. Sam twists the knife in by claiming he only married Annalise because she was “just a piece of ass” and calls her “a disgusting slut.”

“At least we’re finally able to tell the truth,” whispers Annalise as she walks away, hurt.

I don’t think you had to be THAT honest, Sam. Jeez.

I don’t think you had to be THAT honest, Sam. Jeez.

Outside Casa Keating, Goth Girl is preparing to enter to get her evidence. But it’s Michaela who enters the house first. Sam is alone, drinking, and he politely asks her to leave. Michaela insists on staying to turn in the trophy for the exam. Goth Girl tries to sneak in, but Michaela and Sam notice her. “Call Dean Thomas,” is all Goth Girl says before she bolts up the stairs. Sam chases after her.

Michaela calls Dean Thomas and demands to know what’s going on.


Dean Thomas: Oh yeah, Sam killed Lila.

Michaela: WHAT?!

Dean Thomas: And Goth Girl is there to get some evidence on him.

Michaela: WHAT?!

Dean Thomas: Don’t leave her alone with him. He might try to kill her too. And maybe you too, because you’ll probably be a witness. Anyway, we’ll be there soon. Text me updates.

Michaela: WHAT?!

The ANTLs arrive just as Michaela is trying to calm Sam down. Goth Girl has locked herself in the bathroom, downloading his files onto the USB. Dean Thomas tells her it’s safe, and once the download is complete, Goth Girl comes out. If Goth Girl had been smarter, she would have tucked the drive into her pockets or her bra. What’s Sam going to do then? Try to cop a feel in front of four witnesses and add sexual harassment to his murder charge?

Well, evidently Sam isn’t the brightest bulb in the lamp because he immediately tackles Goth Girl to the ground and kicks Connor in the face in an attempt to get the USB. Laurel grabs it, and Sam chases her. He bumps into Michaela, who accidentally pushes him off the railing.

Alright Michaela! Didn’t know you had it in you!

Alright Michaela! Didn’t know you had it in you!

The ANTLs panic about what to do about the dead body. Michaela tries to get the group to call an ambulance, but Connor scoffs at the idea. “Why? He’s already dead,” he says. “Way to go Michaela!” Michaela protests that it was self-defense, and because they’re law students, they argue about what type of crime they would all be charged with and whether or not a prosecutor would charge them.

Really not the time, ANTLs.

Dean Thomas insists that they have to stick together and just make a run for it. “He’s dead because of all of us and maybe that’s okay!” he shrugs. Just then, Sam comes to life like Michael Meyers and tries to strangle Goth Girl.

HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER RECAP: Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me... Or, The One Where They Finally Kill Sam (S1:E9)

Sam is Michael Meyers and Goth Girl is his Jamie Lee Curtis

Then, he is knocked in the head with a blunt object and is killed, for real this time.

So who did it? Michaela, trying to finish the job she started? Laurel, because she was the quickest to believe Sam is a killer? Connor, because he hasn’t really done anything all night and needed a little more screen time? Nope! It was Dean Thomas, protecting his Goth girlfriend!

That’s…a bit disappointing.

Now, since we’ve seen the aftermath of the murder so many times, it feels really pointless to recap it but here it is: Dean Thomas cleans up Goth Girl, the ANTLs have to hide from Asher, and they leave the body.

Meanwhile, Bonnie is at a seedy bar watching a news report on the developments in the Lila Stangard case as a sleazy guy tries to hit on her. He jokes that he’s glad that he didn’t know Lila because he doesn’t want to be a murder suspect. “I don’t know, the way this show goes, you might be,” says Bonnie as she drowns her sorrows.


We get another replay of the scene at the motel where Dean Thomas drops off Goth Girl and she offers to take the blame for Sam’s death, and he turns her down. You know, telling this story in flash forwards seemed like a great idea until you get to the day where the actual events took place. I mean, yeah, I needed a little refresher as to the order of the events, but unless there was something new being revealed, what’s the point of rewatching these scenes again?

When he leaves Goth Girl, Dean Thomas remembers the trophy and goes back for it. “I’m sorry,” he tells Sam’s dead body. “Well, not too sorry. You were kind of a jerk.”

We get a replay of the scene from the pilot where Dean Thomas convinces the gang to go back and hide the body. Whatever. I know that.

I did not know that on the night of Sam’s murder, Annalise went to go see Nate again. She sobs that he was right about Sam.

“I told you so.”

“I told you so.”

She feels guilty about all the illegal acts she committed just to help him.


Now is she going to feel guilty about those other illegal acts she committed on her other cases? No. Okay, I see how it is.

Blah, blah, blah—another replay of footage from previous episodes. Michaela cries, Connor laughs hysterically, Laurel is a little too onboard with murder, and Dean Thomas bullies them into going back for the body.

At Casa Keating, as the boys are rolling up the body, Laurel sees Michaela on her phone. Laurel reminds her that cellphone towers will track their position and orders her not to answer. “I know you like to be in control, but we can’t do that right now,” Laurel says in an overly cheery voice. “So we just need to switch off our brains and go along with the plan. Can you do that?”

“Don’t talk to me like I’m a child,” replies Michaela. “I liked you better when you were monotone.”

But she puts away her phone, ignores the calls from her fiancé, and helps carry out the body.

Nate offers to let Annalise stay overnight, and coincidentally Bonnie is also about to spend some naked overnight time. She goes to the sleazy guy’s hotel, and as he paws her in the lobby, Bonnie realizes what a turn life has taken her.

I need better things to do with my nights.

I need better things to do with my nights.

Then she remembers that there is an equally sleazy yet slightly better-looking character on the show that she can sleep with. She calls Asher and invites herself over to awkwardly seduce him. Meanwhile, Annalise and Nate have sex again, much less awkwardly.

Poor Bonnie. Even when she’s getting some, she is still outshone by Annalise.

After sex with Nate, Annalise leaves a tearful message on Sam’s voicemail, promising that they can work through their marriage. “You cheated on me and killed your mistress. I only cheated on you, but I can kill someone to make us even too,” she says. “Let’s stay together.”


Come on, Annalise! Were you not listening to the lyrics of Irreplaceable? Don’t go back to Sam when you have Nate!

The ANTLs burn the body, and Michaela freaks out about losing her engagement ring in the woods. Laurel volunteers to take the trophy back, and the ANTLs throw the remaining evidence into a dumpster. “Same time next week?” jokes Connor.

It’d be really funny if this wasn’t the winter finale because then we would be back here, same time next week.

Anyway, the ANTLs go their separate ways for the night. Dean Thomas joins up with Goth Girl and crushes the USB. “What the hell?!” exclaims Goth Girl. “That was a major plot point in this episode!” Dean Thomas justifies it by reminding her that the USB links them to Casa Keating on the night of the murder. Michaela looks forlornly at her designer wedding dress, and Connor has a panic attack on his ex-boyfriend’s floor. Meanwhile, Laurel takes the trophy to Frank and claims that she stole it from Asher because she was too stressed to study after finding out her gross relationship is even grosser because he has a girlfriend.

Frank tells Laurel that he broke up with his girlfriend and promises to help her.

Still gross.

Still gross.

Annalise interrupts Bonnie’s post-coitus awkward chat with Asher to sob about how Sam is missing. Bonnie eagerly goes back to the office to comfort her. “My life has meaning!” she crows. “See ya, Asher!”

In the morning, Michaela does the math and realizes having rich in-laws might help her out if she gets charged with murder so she signs the pre-nup. At the IT Boy Toy’s apartment, Connor claims that he has a drug problem to deflect suspicion. “I…have a drug problem, Oliver,” he says haltingly. “Like, really bad. Drugs are my bread and butter. Literally. I spread drugs on my toast in the morning.”

IT Boy Toy believes this, despite Connor’s awful delivery. Luckily for Connor, the ANTLs are called into the office. Annalise greets them in her pajamas and sans her wig, which means serious business. She informs them that Sam is missing and they will all be questioned by the police about his whereabouts. She and Dean Thomas exchange a look, and there is a flashback to when Dean Thomas went back for the trophy.

“I’m sorry,” he tells Sam’s body.

“Don’t be,” says another voice in the room.




In the present, Annalise thanks the ANTLs for their cooperation during the investigation.

What we learned about getting away with murder:

  • Do everything Annalise Keating tells you to do.
  • Seriously, do you think Dean Thomas was smart enough to bully the other ANTLs into covering up a dead body for a Goth Girl that no one likes?
  • Do everything Annalise Keating tells you to do.

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