How to Get Away with Murder RECAP: We’re Not Friends... or, Laurel is Awesome! (S1:E5)

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Previously on How to Get Away With Murder:

  • In the future, America’s Next Top Lawyers and Goth Girl will be involved in the death of Sam Keating and have to hide his body
  • Goth Girl is currently on trial for the murder of Lila Stangard and is being represented by Annalise
  • Frank has some sort of crush on Laurel, which is gross because 1) he is in a position of authority over her, 2) he is way too old for her, and 3) she already has an age-appropriate boyfriend
  • Annalise’s ex-boyfriend Nate lied to Annalise that Sam’s alibi for the night of the murder checks out
  • Goth Girl handed in Lila’s phone, and Annalise discovered Sam’s dick pics on it

Back to the future, America’s Next Top Lawyers are running through the woods trying to get rid of a dead body. They have to hide when pair of college students pass them to hook up in the woods, but then Laurel’s cellphone rings, nearly giving them away. The hooker-uppers get frightened and run back towards the bonfire, much to the relief of the ANTLs. Michaela sees that Laurel’s caller is Frank because his contact picture is a (terrible) shirtless photo of him.

Michaela is as repulsed as I am.

Michaela is as repulsed as I am.

Michaela demands to know why Frank is calling, and the whole group is all, “Laurel! Rule number one of hiding a dead body: make sure the least amount of people know about it!” Laurel insists that she didn’t tell Frank anything, but now the group wants to know why he called. Laurel admits that she slept with him, but Michaela thinks Laurel is still hiding something. “Why would I tell you?” snaps Laurel. “We’re not friends!”

Hey, that’s the title of this episode!


Connor asks Laurel if this means she slept with Frank when she was still with her boyfriend, Kan. She admits that yes, she is a cheater, but they’ve all done worse things. “Judge me if you want, but just don’t do it while we are carrying the damn body,” she snaps.

Wow. Laurel is kind of a badass.

In class, Annalise is quizzing Laurel on jury selection. Laurel mentions how there is an increase of stealth jurors, people who deliberately try to get on court cases to sway the outcome. Annalise tells her to quit trying to show off and moves on to her next question, but Laurel interrupts. “I wasn’t showing off,” she says. “I was answering your question.”

Normally, students would be ripped to shreds for talking back; however, Annalise is amused. “Somebody woke up in the mood to fight this morning,” she smirks. Thus is the power of Awesome Laurel.

After class, Dean Thomas asks Annalise if they’re going to turn in the phone and show the dick pics to the police. He suggests maybe even tracing the photo back to the sender. (Reassuringly, he doesn’t recognize Sam’s penis by sight.) Annalise claims that the time isn’t right yet and maybe they won’t turn in the phone at all. Dean Thomas is understandably confused, but the audience knows Sam might be implicated in the murder.

There is a flashback to the other night when Annalise confronted Sam over his affair with Lila. He admits that he slept with her but claims that Lila instigated the affair. Well, no harm, no foul, then. He also claims that Lila was a lost girl who thought an affair with her professor would fix her messy life. This also is supposed to make him less of a dick, somehow? “Just how you found me,” says Annalise bitterly. “It’s how you like your mistresses.” When Sam tries to tell her that the affair meant nothing to him, Annalise shoots back, “Tell that to your first wife!”

Annalise is his second wife?! Girl, then why did you marry him? Haven’t you ever heard of that saying “If he cheats with you, he’ll cheat on you?”

Bonnie overhears their argument and sees Annalise kick him out.

“Why don’t I have my own life?”

“Why don’t I have my own life?”

Seriously, why was Bonnie there? I know Annalise’s office is in her house and Frank and Bonnie come and go—but Annalise and Sam were about to go to bed. Why is Bonnie still hanging around in their house? Do Annalise and Sam ever wake up in the middle of the night and go downstairs for a drink of water only to find Bonnie toiling away in the office? Doesn’t that get weird?

Anyway, back in class the next day, Dean Thomas is trying to understand why Annalise doesn’t want to turn the phone in. “What you don’t understand is not my concern,” she snaps.


It’s time for the Client of the Week: Ryan, a teenage boy killed his alcoholic, abusive cop father to protect his mother, but the prosecution wants to charge him with murder. Annalise warns the ANTLs that this will be harder to win because the cop father was respected in the community and there is little evidence of his abuse. Therefore, they have to do win the case based on the emotions of the jury.

The jury is all picked out, and Dean Thomas looks over Laurel’s shoulder to see that she is keeping a tally of which jurors are in their favor. He asks why she cares so much, and she tells him that this is the first client that she doesn’t hate. He is impressed.

Why don’t Dean Thomas and Laurel get together? They’re both do-gooders who are underestimated by everyone around them and are the only ones who kept level heads on the night of Sam’s murder. They could be a crime-fighting team—defending the innocents in court by day and hiding dead bodies by night!

HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER RECAP: We’re Not Friends... or, Laurel is Awesome! (S1:E5)

“Imagine the justice we could serve together. And the dead bodies that will never be found.”

The case is all set to proceed, but then the prosecution makes a motion to block any testimony relating to claims of abuse. The judge agrees since there is no real evidence, which basically throws out Annalise’s whole defense.

At Annalise’s office, Bonnie assigns each of the team a juror to track to read their emotions. Annalise announces that they must find a way to get the testimony of abuse back into play. When the prosecution uses a character witness to claim that Ryan has a history of violent thoughts towards his father, Laurel realizes that the witness is quoting from Ryan’s blog. Since the prosecution used it, that means the defense can too! This means the whole blog, where Ryan chronicled his father’s abuse, can be used! Dean Thomas even tells Laurel, “Well done.”

At Dean Thomas’s apartment, Goth Girl barges in and starts eating his pizza. She complains that he doesn’t talk to her anymore, and Dean Thomas tries to explain that he has to be professional. “Or you think I did it,” she challenges him. He points out that he was the one who got Annalise to represent her even after Goth Girl tattled on him in the police station. She shoots back that she didn’t know him or why he was interested in helping a potentially murderous neighbor. Finally, she softens. “I just like making other people feel uncomfortable. It makes me feel better for some reason,” she admits.

“I wouldn’t have to put up with this nonsense if I was with Laurel.”

“I wouldn’t have to put up with this nonsense if I was with Laurel.”

At Casa Keating, Annalise drinks alone to some indie music and then gets tired of being in a music video so she goes to see Nate. It’s ironic that Annalise is mad at Sam for cheating when she cheated on him too.

Well, granted she is not a murder suspect.


Nate is tired of Annalise’s drama, especially since he was fired from the police since Bonnie told the chief about his secret investigation into Sam. He tells her that he lied about Sam’s alibi and leaves her.

Back to the future: the ANTLs are burning the body, and Frank keeps trying to call Laurel. Everyone advises her to take the call so they can claim they were at the bonfire and strengthen their alibi. Laurel reluctantly takes the call but harshly tells Frank that it’s over between them.

Laurel and Kan discuss the case, and he brings up that they could hope for jury nullification. However, it’s illegal for either side to mention that to the jurors. “What would Annalise Keating do?” he jokes, but Laurel takes him seriously.

Back at Casa Keating, Annalise tells Bonnie that she knows Bonnie snitched on Nate because of her crush on Sam. “Thank you for protecting my husband though,” she says. “Now please stop hanging around my house all the time.”

In court, the ANTLs have decided that they already lost the case and are either doing homework or, in Connor’s case, browsing gay hookup apps instead of paying attention. Laurel mentions jury nullification to Frank, and he reminds her that they could be accused of jury tampering. Frustrated, she exclaims, “I just want to do something good! Is that hard to understand?”

As it turns out, Connor wasn’t on Humper—yes, the app was called Humper—for his own benefit. One of the jurors was on it and saying stuff about how cop killers deserved to die and showing his bias. He is dismissed. “See? Sexting pays off!” brags Connor.

Will there ever be a time where Connor will help on a case by using his brain instead of sex, or do only straight people get to do that?

Flash forward time: Remember how Michaela lost her engagement ring in the woods? The group is trying to convince her to leave it since she needs to go return the Lady Justice statue to Asher. Laurel volunteers to do it.

During the final arguments, Laurel tallies up the number of jurors on their side and finds that they are lacking. She goes ahead and plants a packet about juror nullification where a juror will see it. Frank catches her and threatens to tell Annalise. “Go ahead,” she smirks. ‘Tell her I was showing off.”

Laurel is so awesome today.

Laurel is so awesome today.

Frank does tell Annalise, but he doesn’t give Laurel’s name. “Don’t lie to me, Frank. If another man lies to me, I swear to God,” she says. Annalise decides to report the jury tampering anyway, and it results in a mistrial. Since the abuse testimony was allowed, the DA has downgraded the murder charges and now Ryan will get a lesser punishment. They are all relieved. Even Asher cries. Seriously:

Exhibit A.

Exhibit A.

Hey, maybe Asher can be the plucky sidekick to Laurel and Dean Thomas’s crime-fighting team!

Sam goes to Casa Keating where he is supposed to perform a psych evaluation on Goth Girl. However, this is just a ruse for Annalise to figure out if Goth Girl knows who Lila was having an affair with. Goth Girl says that all she knows is that Lila referred to him as “Mr. Darcy.” Annalise and Sam breathe a sigh of relief that he is still safe. He’s still sleeping on the couch, however.


Flash forward: Instead of going to Asher’s to deliver the trophy, Laurel goes to Frank’s apartment instead. She asks if he meant that he would do anything for her. She shows him the trophy and asks for his help.

Back in the present, Laurel asks Frank why he didn’t tell on her. “Thank you for making me Frank’s girl,” she says sarcastically. He tries to deny that he has a crush on her, but then they kiss. Laurel breaks it off first and reminds him that she has a boyfriend.

Dean Thomas visits Goth Girl’s apartment, but she’s gone. She calls him and demands to know if he knew about Mr. Darcy. She warns him not to trust Annalise and tells him that the wallpaper in Annalise’s bathroom matches the background of Mr. Darcy’s dick pics.

Dean Thomas actually shows up to Casa Keating where Annalise is getting ready for bed to check the wallpaper himself. “Your husband’s Mr. Darcy,” he gasps.

“When am I going to stop letting people come in here whenever they feel like it?”

“When am I going to stop letting people come in here whenever they feel like it?”

What we learned about getting away with murder:

  • Get someone on your defense team to plant a packet about jury nullification near a juror to get a mistrial
  • Done!

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