How to Get Away with Murder: The Night Lila Died/It's All My Fault...Or, Let's Twist Again!

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We’re going to find out who killed Lila…again. In the season finale, HTGAWM pulls out the last twists and turns before we forget about it over the summer

I don’t watch shows live very much, but I always make an effort to catch How to Get Away With Murder on Thursdays nights. However, this week I missed it, which was a shame because all the promos said that we were REALLY going to find out who killed Lila in the season finale. My friend Kary hit up me on Friday and asked if I knew who the true killer was.


Me: No, I couldn’t watch it last night. But it was Sam, wasn’t it?

Kary: No, it wasn’t Sam.

Me: So it was the Goth Girl?

Kary: No, not her.

Me: Griffin, it was that ex-boyfriend Griffin, right?

Kary: No, not him either.


Kary: ……No, but that would have been really good. Just watch it.

The Night Lila Died

Picking up from where we left off last episode, Dean Thomas is freaking out that Rudy said the word “wet” when he saw Goth Girl’s photo because that proves she did stuff Lila’s body in the water tank. Laurel tells Dean Thomas to slow his roll because that’s hardly incriminating evidence. If he’s said “dry,” would that have meant Goth Girl was off the hook? Plus, she reminds Dean Thomas that he can’t confront Goth Girl about it because she can still go to the police and tell everyone how the ANTLs covered up Sam’s death. “She could screw us over so you keep screwing her,” orders Laurel.

Dean Thomas promptly goes home and does that. Man, Laurel has so much power over him. I bet she made Dean Thomas pick up her dry cleaning too.


“Oh, the things I do for Laurel.”

Flashback time! Six months earlier Rudy was just chilling in his apartment and overheard Lila thrashing around Goth Girl’s apartment melodramatically, alternating between sobbing about how awful her life is and insulting Goth Girl’s Hot Topic wardrobe. Their friendship is over, and Goth Girl is pissed the rich suburban girl ditched her.

In the present day, Connor and IT Boy Toy take a break from their loving to deliver a PSA on the importance of gay men getting tested for HIV/AIDS. I’m not joking. That was a major subplot in this episode. I know, I thought I wandered into a rerun of Queer as Folk too.

Meanwhile, Annalise’s client of the week is Father Andrew, a priest who admitted to killing a fellow member of the cloth. He is pleading guilty despite Annalise’s offer to work her courtroom magic and get him off. Father Andrew is not down with Annalise ignoring every aspect of the American justice system just to add another win to her belt, but he changes his tune when he sees a certain woman wander into the courtroom. He begs Annalise to change his plea and get him off. Annalise always liked that miniseries Thornbirds and plus she needs to get in with the big man upstairs, so she agrees.

Flashback time! Six months ago, Goth Girl was at Griffin’s frat house dealing drugs and answering dumb questions about the “mary-ja-wanna.” Griffin complains to Goth Girl about Lila’s melodramatics and overacting, and Goth Girl sees an opportunity to get back at her former friend. She flirts with Griffin and steals his phone to invite Lila over to the frat house so Lila can catch her and Griffin having sex. Lila is devastated, but that’s what she gets for calling Goth Girl a “druggie whore.”

HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER: The Night Lila Died/It's All My Fault...Or, Let's Twist Again!

“Who’s the druggie whore now, Lila? Oh wait, still me.”


Dean Thomas pours over Lila’s case, looking for evidence that proves Goth Girl was the murderer, but he has to stop to help the other ANTLs handle Father Andrew’s case. Father Andrew reveals he killed the fellow priest for molesting a teenage parishioner who later killed himself. He even claims that the other priest admitted to what he did to Father Andrew! Trouble is, that confession was made in confession, if you know what I mean. Father Andrew refuses to break confidentiality to downgrade his murder charge, much to the confusion of Annalise, who’s never met a person she hasn’t thrown under a bus. Father Andrew offers to hear her confession. “Oh boyyyyyyy. We’re going to be here allllll night,” says Annalise.

Nate has been denied bail so Annalise arranges for him to get beat up in prison so he can be released. Unfortunately, Bonnie reports that Nate was simply moved into solitary. Annalise cries, but I’m not sure if she’s crying because she is feeling guilty or because she is confused as to why her manipulations of the court system didn’t work. She orders Bonnie to use Asher to get the judge to grant bail. Asher is photographed talking with the judge, and since he is the son of another prominent judge, it looks like a conflict of interest so the judge is removed from the case and Nate is granted bail.

Back in the Very Special Episode part of this program, Connor goes to an STD clinic with Oliver (the IT Boy Toy turned actual boyfriend) and is embarrassed about all the unprotected sex he’s had and his ignorance about how HIV is transmitted. He gets worried when his results don’t come in and tries to make himself feel better by asking the other ANTLs if they skip condoms too. They condescendingly tell him that he should always wrap it when he’s going to tap it.


The more you know!

Annalise confronts Father Andrew’s Thornbird and asks for her help to get Andrew off. In court, Thornbird claims she and Father Andrew were having sex to give him an alibi on the night of the murder. Father Andrew is incapable of being in the presence of a lie and changes his plea again and willingly goes to prison. What was the point of this subplot again?

Meanwhile, Dean Thomas continues to obsess over whether or not Goth Girl is a killer. The other ANTLs hear Laurel scolding him and ask to know what’s up. Dean Thomas admits that Goth Girl lied about knowing Rudy so maybe she lied about other things as well, which pisses off the ANTLs because they killed Sam thinking she was innocent. Michaela takes charge and demands they interrogate Goth Girl to find out.

Nate gets free on bail and goes home, but refuses to speak to Annalise. “I switched the judge for you and got you out on bail,” she tells him.


“You got me beat up in prison,” reminds Nate. “Please stop helping me. For the sake of my health.”

Meanwhile, Frank informs Asher and Bonnie that he saw them having sex and threatens to tattle to Annalise. Presumably, he wants Annalise to cover his eyeball transplant and therapy under his employee insurance.

Goth Girl shows up at her apartment, where the ANTLs are waiting for her. They demand to know why she lied about Rudy and sit her down for an interrogation. Michaela even plays bad cop and smacks Goth Girl across the face!

Goth Girl is hurt Dean Thomas is leading the witch hunt against her and refuses to talk. She smugly informs the ANTLs she tracked down the campus cop who saw them taking Sam’s body out in the rug. She threatens to call in the cop and take them all down. The ANTLs do not take kindly to being threatened like this, so they do the rational thing: they tie Goth Girl up and stick her in the bathroom. Once they realize what they’ve done, they call Annalise and sheepishly ask what to do next.


“We may not have thought this all the way through.”

It’s All My Fault

In part two of the finale, Annalise is overwhelmed when Dean Thomas explains that the reason they are holding Goth Girl hostage is because she is hiding information that may prove Sam was innocent. I mean, he still cheated on Annalise and got Lila pregnant, but hey, he may not have killed the girl so his death must be avenged!

Flashback time! On the night of her murder, Lila calls Sam in her usual hysterical state and reports that Griffin wouldn’t have sex with her so the plan to pass the baby off as his didn’t work. She gets even more hysterical when he blows her off and threatens to tell Annalise everything.

What exactly did Sam see in this girl? For a professor who’s seduced co-eds before, you’d think he would have figured out not to pick the super clingy ones.

Back in present day, the ANTLs untie Goth Girl and bring her to Casa Keating to figure out their next move. Annalise announces that since the ANTLs are so convinced of Goth Girl’s guilt, they have to prove it to her. The ANTLs, with the exception of Dean Thomas, present their cases, but Annalise informs them all their arguments suck and don’t prove anything except for the fact they’re hysterical college students who panic easily. She leaves to meet with the prosecutor on Nate’s case, and Goth Girl tries to use the opportunity to turn the ANTLs against Dean Thomas. She tries to stir up Connor’s paranoia but is interrupted when Asher arrives at Casa Keating.

Frank tries to get rid of him, but Asher is sick of being excluded so he bursts in anyway. He also asks Frank not to tell Annalise about him and Bonnie, and Frank is all, “Yeah, yeah. Sure thing. Just get out of here!” The ANTLs hide in the basement, and while they are waiting for Asher to leave, Michaela realizes Goth Girl stole one of their phones to send a text. The ANTLs don’t know who she sent it to and are afraid to call and find out. Goth Girl mocks them for leaving their iPhones unlocked. “Also I posted some hilarious shit as you on your Facebok pages,” she says.


After Asher leaves, Laurel gossips with Frank about the Asher/Bonnie situation.

Really? Now, Laurel?

Just when I am about to get mad at her, Frank uses the conversation topic of student/teacher romances to try to flirt with Laurel again.

Really? Now, Frank? When Goth Girl is tied up in the basement? Well, I guess you two are made for each other after all. Laurel asks Frank if he’s going to “take care” of Goth Girl, and he gets offended that she thinks he’s some Italian stereotype.


I don’t know, Frank. It looked like you were ready to whack her in this screenshot.

Michaela has to go meet with ex-fiance Aiden’s mom because this episode doesn’t have enough subplots. Aiden’s mom asks Michaela to get back together with Aiden for the sake of appearances. Michaela is like, “I have bigger shit to worry about. I got a Goth Girl in my basement so I don’t have time to update my wedding Pinterest board.” She puts on an atrocious Southern accent and pretends to be too ghetto for Aiden’s family. “My God that is an atrocious accent,” says Aiden’s mom. “Please never contact us again.”

Annalise goes to see Goth Girl and tries to get her to confess. “Dude, I’m not guilty!” says Goth Girl. “Stop trying to make me confess to something I didn’t do just so you can feel better about letting your interns kill your husband.” Annoyed, Annalise throws Dean Thomas into the basement to get the truth once and for all.

Dean Thomas asks Goth Girl why she lied about Rudy. “Oh my god, will you shut up about freaking Rudy?” demands Goth Girl and the viewers at home. But this plot point hasn’t been resolved yet so Goth Girl tells what happened: Rudy ran into Goth Girl after Lila’s murder and asked why she was soaking wet. Instead of answering his question, Goth Girl decided to drug him and cause him to have a nervous breakdown. She admits she was wet because she found Lila’s body in the water tank. No, she didn’t kill her–she just found the body.

“A likely story,” scoff the ANTLs, and they refuse to believe her. But Annalise all, “I’m tired of you interns in my house and having a Goth in my basement so everyone out.”

Nate is upset that Annalise claimed to the prosecutor that he got into a fight with Sam on the night of Sam’s death, but he finally figures out that all the stuff Annalise has pulled to make him look guilty is actually helping his case. “But please don’t arrange to have me be beaten up anymore,” he asks.

Back at Casa Keating, the ANTLs are trying to figure out a way to set Goth Girl free and make sure she doesn’t tattle. Bonnie speaks for the audience and tells the ANTLs they’re stupid and she doesn’t know why Annalise keeps protecting them. They are interrupted when they realize Goth Girl is missing. Everyone thinks Dean Thomas let her out, but he swears he didn’t. He cries to Annalise about how this is all his fault.


“Yes, yes it is.”


The final loose subplots are wrapped up: Nate finally calls the lawyer Annalise recommended, the prosecutor for Sam’s murder trial shows up on Asher’s doorstep to ask questions about Annalise, and in an ironic twist of fate, Oliver has HIV instead of Connor.

Flashback time! Goth Girl shows up on the roof and finds Lila’s body stuffed in the water tank. As it turns out, Sam blackmailed Frank to have Lila whacked. He just snuck up behind her and strangled her with gloves on and dumped her body in the water tank.

I don’t see how this is a shocking twist. I mean, technically Frank did it but Sam was still the mastermind behind it.

Dean Thomas asks Annalise what they are going to do if they can’t find Goth Girl. Annalise tells him they’ll worry about that next season. However, she goes down to the basement where Goth Girl still is–except she’s dead. Annalise asks Frank if he did it, and he’s like, “Uh, I thought you did. Because no one blackmailed me into killing this one.”

Guess that’s our next season-long murder mystery. Hopefully with less annoying flashbacks.

What we learned about getting away with murder:

  • Wear gloves when you strangle the coed you’ve been blackmailed into killing
  • Keep your mouth shut when everyone thinks the Goth did it

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