Geraldo compares Donald Trump’s presidential campaign to 9/11… but in a good way


Talking about Donald Trump running for president, Geraldo Rivera says, “There has not been this kind of excitement in the city since—in a very different way—9/11!”

Believe it or not, this is intended to be a compliment. He presumably then compared Trump’s pristinely pressed suits to Nazi uniforms and his willingness to challenge the political establishment to Ho Chi Minh.


Fellow FOX News host Monica Crowley is a bit more traditional (but equally befuddling) in her praise of the Donald: “He is saying things that need to be said, and if the other candidates are smart—they might wrap it up in more diplomatic language—but he is actually going out there kind of as the lead rabbit running around.”

It’s almost enough to suspect she’s a double agent.

Of course, don’t expect Trump to complain. He has to take what he can get friend-wise these days, what with NBC dumping Trump from The Apprentice, Macy’s canning Trump from its TV ads and store shelves, and the Miss USA pageant losing everybody from networks (Univision & NBC) to co-hosts (Cheryl Burke, Thomas Roberts, Roselyn Sanchez & Cristian de la Fuente) to judges (Emmitt Smith, Jonathan Scott, Terrance Jenkins, & Miss Universe Zuleyka Rivera) to performers (Flo Rida, Craig Wayne Boyd, Natalie La Rose).

Fortunately for Trump, his dwindling stable of friends still includes a handful of ultra-conservative billionaire cable network owners. In addition to his FOX News defenders, Reelz—an honest-to-goodness cable channel—will broadcast Miss USA on July 12 to an anticipated audience of 68 people, twice its usual Sunday night viewership. Reelz CEO Stan E. Hubbard, whose daddy conveniently started the network, is from a family of hardcore Republicans.

Reportedly, Reelz is paying next to $0 for the broadcast rights and sharing 0% of the ad revenue, so Trump and the pageant are still getting nailed to the wall financially. Republican economics at work.

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