Gay Thought Leader Camille Paglia Weighs In On ‘Duck Dynasty’ And All Other Gays Can Shut Up Now We Guess

Gay Thought Leader Camille Paglia Weighs In On 'Duck Dynasty' And All Other Gays Can Shut Up Now We Guess

You are probably tired of reading about Duck Dynasty! We are tired of writing about Duck Dynasty. But just as we were about to take a long, refreshing, Duck-Dynasty-free break, maybe with a bubble bath and a Mai Tai, along comes Camille Paglia to share her thoughts on the matter and now we have to gird our loins and go read Camille Paglia.

What’s that Camille Paglia? You speak for the trees and all gays because you came out a long time ago? Makes sense!

“I speak with authority here, because I was openly gay before the ‘Stonewall rebellion,’ when it cost you something to be so. And I personally feel as a libertarian that people have the right to free thought and free speech,” Paglia, a professor at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, said on Laura Ingraham’s radio show Thursday.

Well, shut our pretty little gay mouths, because Camille Paglia has spoken and Stonewall libertarian argle bargle suck it libtards.

Huh. You’d think someone who ascended to the rank of full Professor at a bona fide university would have at least the vaguest knowledge of how free speech works and the First Amendment and such, but hoo boy you are wrong! As we will never tire of explaining (ok, that’s a lie. We are really fucking tired of explaining this.) there is no god-given right to consequence-free speech. You can say whatever dumb ass racist homophobe bullshit you want. The government can’t stop you, but your private company can! Sorry feminists!

Man, the worst part of dealing with Paglia is the right’s insistence that she is some sort of icon for the gheys and the feminists. As a gay lady feminist, I’d like to declare categorically that WE DO NOT WANT HER. We’ve thrown her back into the teeming sea of conservatroll derp. She is so not ours.

Anyway. This wouldn’t be a Paglia interview if she didn’t also throw in some nonsense about how she is a Democrat but they have left her behind so sad so mad too bad.

“To express yourself in a magazine in an interview — this is the level of punitive PC, utterly fascist, utterly Stalinist, OK, that my liberal colleagues in the Democratic Party and on college campuses have supported and promoted over the last several decades,” Paglia said. “This is the whole legacy of free speech 1960’s that have been lost by my own party.”

We do not think that is an actual sentence? If we have to hazard a guess, though, we think what she is trying to say is that the liberal wing of the Democratic party shut Duck Duckinson down because he gave a magazine interview. Honey, the Democrats can’t get it together to speak with one voice on things we actually care about, like immigration, but you think we’ve coordinated an attack on your precious faux-cajunbilly show?? Bonus points for fascist AND Stalinist, though. Bravo.

You know the rest, because this is Camille Paglia, people. Civilization is drowning in illiterai because we don’t let people just stone cold yell at us in college anymore, read the classics, Madonna is amazing but other female pop stars are not, cultural criticism is dead except for Camille Paglia’s big brain. You know the drill.

This has got to die down soon, right? We cannot talk about these people anymore. Can we just make A&E give Camille Paglia a show where she interviews Phil Robertson 24/7 and the good folk among us who value our brainspace need never watch it, and the angerbears who want to listen to these people can have unfettered access? Seems like a fair bargain to us. Someone write a petition, or do a Kickstarter or an IndieGoGo or however the cool kids are crowdfunding these days. Please. Our very sanity depends on it and you are our only hope.

[Daily Caller]

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  • Vecchiojohn

    “my liberal colleagues in the Democratic Party and on college campuses”*Democrats and college students and professors everywhere back slowly away*

    • okra

      I take umbrage with the implications of your comment, good sir.–Richard Cohen

  • Buddha Stalin

    If she is our new leader I am seriously considering leaving the club.

  • Farb

    I am outraged that if I fuckin say what I fuckin want nothing at all happens. This situation is intolerable and something must be done to stop me!

  • goonemeritus

    I don’t think being a libertarian is as cool as these peopleseem to think it is.

    • $73376667

      Not enough cosplay.

  • actor212

    She is my thorax? Huh?

  • ladiesbane

    We are the chorus and we agree, we agree, we agree.

  • Serolf Divad

    So, a T.V. network “suspending” one of its stars for something stupid they said is now “Stalinism?” I don’t think Stalinism means what Camille thinks it means.

    • mtn_philosoph

      Gee, all this time I thought that A&E was owned by The Hearst Corp and Disney, when in reality it is owned by the shadowy and mysterious Liberal-Stalinist Establishment Collective, which was who fired Robertson.I also wasn’t aware that Phil Robertson was such an important figure in libertarian circles. For such a libertarian icon, he sure has some unorthodox ideas.

  • RevZafod

    TV? Culture? I don’t care if it is just cover art, if this doesn’t belong in Sideboob, nothing does!

    • “Shut up, Weirdo” is one of the few radio shows I don’t listen to on Too many weirdos.

  • UnholyMoses

    This post started off easy to masturbate to, but ended poorly.I haz an unsatisfied.

  • JParkerSD46

    Ha! Once again, two people with diarrhea of the mouth have proven the old, but oh, so true, adage…”You cain’t fix stoopid”.

  • The nicest thing I can say about her as another gay academic who studies sexy fun times is that she said some really interesting things about the Marquis de Sade in the context of the Enlightenment, but even then someone else, Angela Carter, who really should be everyone’s go-to for a sex-positive third-wave feminist intellectual instead of Paglia, did it better.

    • Scrappy Otter

      Interesting. I was researching her yesterday near the time you commented. Eager to read her work.

  • ryp

    Camille Paglia, the lesbian feminist for people who hate lesbian feminists

    • Penny Dreadful

      Well, that narrows it down.

    • Actually when I spent years running around with DC’s politically activist lesbians, who are feminists, though not really radical or lesbian feminists, I had rarely heard anyone trash women and lesbians more than lesbians. Too really hate someone it helps to have a lot of dating disappointment with them.

      • Deleted

        This post was deleted.

  • hvdv

    ugh. i am a college instructor at a VERY mediocre state school, and i will not allow my students to start a sentence with “i feel.” feelings are not arguments, and nobody cares about your feelings. but it gets worse! camille “personally” feels! as opposed to all those impersonal feelings, i guess, but whatever and boo, because camille paglia is now officially on a lower level of intellectual functioning than my poor undergraduates.

    • Good point but this is a spoken radio interview not a written script.

  • $73376667

    One would think that a self-described libertarian (on the internet, no less) would be familiar with at-will (un)employment.

    • I’m sure she is. It remains the case that gay leftovers and the gay political class would happily censor anyone including Paglia if they could. They are indeed the children of the same people who censored and jailed Mensheviks, anarchists and social democrats. Camille is with Emma Goldman and the professional gay PAC pack are too often Stalinoid in their inclinations.

      • $73376667

        This far past Thanksgiving you really should be done with your gay leftovers (or at least put them in the freezer). And “Stalinoid?” Isn’t that part of a car starter?

      • Roger_of_Arabia

        What’s a Menshevik? Is that that crappy Jewish wine that isn’t Mogen-David?

  • Richard White

    Camille may have embellished her claims of “authority” but her comments on liberty are dead on point. Tammy Bruce already said much the same thing about political correctness and the demise of freedom of thought and opinions several years ago in “The New Thought Police.” Sure, A&E is within it’s rights unless the contract says otherwise, but this story is bigger than someone with bigoted ideas being fired from a TV show. It is symptomatic of the loss of freedom and the level of intimidation used by liberals and conservatives to discourage genuine debate and the exchange of ideas. I fail to understand why people seem to think they have a right not to be offended or insulted. No such right exists. As Larry Flint proved in things he published about Jerry Falwell, our civil rights include the right to be offensive. Whichever side of the debate one falls on, this situation offers a grand opportunity for people to have meaningful discussions about our freedoms of speech and thought. It is not just about the Constitution and freedom of speech, which are not really implicated in the A&E vs Robertson case, it is about freedom itself and the punishment of expressed thoughts.

    • Roger_of_Arabia

      Come the eff on. Employees of Coke and Miller beer have been fired for being photographed or even just seen drinking a competitor’s product. These are delivery drivers and warehouse workers, so A&E has a right to fire this clown for making it look bad. The same Fox News commentators attacked Alex Balwin and argued he should be fired for calling a paparazzi a cocksucking faggot. Then there was that British guy on MSNB, I can’t remember his fucking name, the one who looks black or Indian or something, the one who interviewed Michael Jackson. Anyway, both of them got fired, I think.

    • It’s called “the free marketplace of ideas.” I’m sure you must have heard of it somewhere. It goes like this: you’re free to express your opinions without government interference. If people don’t like your opinions, they’re free to criticize you. If a lot of people don’t like your opinions, they’re all free to criticize you. And if your employers feel you’ve injured the company, they can fire you. There’s no such thing as unlimited freedom, and every action — including words — has consequences. I haven’t seen anything from anyone on the left demanding that Robertson be silenced. What I have seen is a lot of name-calling aimed at his critics — Paglia’s about par for the course — and threats to boycott A&E’s advertisers. Tell me again — who’s against free speech?By the way, has Robertson started getting death threats yet? It’s not real persecution without the death threats. They don’t have to be real. In fact, better if they’re not — that way, you don’t have to deal with police reports and such.

  • gurukalehuru

    You are criticizing her for criticizing the people who are criticizing A and E for canning Phil Robertson for criticizing the gays. Have I got that right?Personally, I feel (suck on that, college professor guy) that Camille Paglia is a smart lady, and I respect her opinion. Also, too, this gives me a nice chance to plug my blog, because it’s the same thing I wrote about last night at

    • shawnthesheep

      No, you don’t have that right.

  • mtn_philosoph

    Camille Paglia is a prominent Democrat and feminist in the same way that the Richard Nixon floating head in a jar in Futurama is a prominent Republican. Both individuals are just cartoon characters.

  • David Zgurski

    Paglia is in the position she’s in because of an imperialist ambition to dictate to the rest of us what our views are going to be regardless of what we actually think, an old academic imperialist ambition. If we put her on the pedestal she so desperately wants to be on, we deserve to be plagued not only by her but the Phil Robertsons of the world also.Democrats are the bogey man and Paglia is the conspiracy theorist who needs an easy answer and a straw man to set up and knock down in order to do what she thinks is her job. She doesn’t understand that in the social media age she can’t have anything insightful or practical to say about this subject without taking into consideration the views of the people Robertson is attacking in his magazine interview. She’s never had to do that, because she’s used to her word being taken as gospel by those who agree and disagree with her. It’s never occurred to her that she’s out of the conversation altogether, by way of her own bigotry towards the unwashed masses she believes needs her enlightenment.She’s used to her word being the subject of lengthy debates and lectures. As an old-school, 20th-century, pre-internet, pre-social-media imperialist, she does not think that her words can be effectively challenged by minorities and other women, who’s views are equal to hers though she may not think so, and though they may not possess her academic credentials. She is not used to thinking that other people’s words are equal to hers in this age.She does not think that maybe the best thing for her to say is that Phil Robertson is not only wrong, but that his views are basically cookie-cutter, hateful, southern-fried bigotry, and dangerous to the lives of gay men and women. Robertson is a national television celebrity with a widely-known and merchandised reality show. He will be censored if A&E will lose advertisers and viewership for airing Robertson’s show. Paglia wants Robertson to have his anti-gay, pre-civil-rights-era show and to say whatever he wants in magazine interviews (which is fine, but Robertson should not be free to avoid the consequences of his hateful views) because Paglia mentally still lives in a world where she and Robertson are the judge, jury and executioner for all our lives, where no matter what happens to us, they are the self-anointed arbitrators of our place in history. That’s no longer true anymore thanks to social media, and I think it’s time we put both Paglia and Robertson in their place as relics of a deservedly-bygone era.

    • No she thinks that people with debatable or silly views should be debated or exposed out loud, not hushed up and kept in another room. I think in a way the leftover Stalinism is similar to the prissy wasp attitudes she has identified in academic feminism.

    • Deleted

      This post was deleted.

  • jsdc007

    Oh, yeah, like anyone believes that Camille Paglia did buttkiss for gay rights.

  • Manhattan123

    As least she’s good looking.

    • Annie Towne

      My head just exploded.

  • Lots of gay people agree with her, including TMZ’s Harvey Levin. On the one hand this whole thing smells like a pr stunt created by A&E and GQ, which knew his views before they hired him. On the other hand, one wonders if Phil knows that a disproportionate share of people buying, preparing and selling pate and duck confit are gay, and he is on the receiving end of the big pink dollar.

    • $73376667

      “Big pink dollar?” He takes Canadian?

  • multi_verse

    Now, let me get this straight. Ms. Paglia, well known lesbian, is defending the right of Donald Duck Fucker Dynasty to claim that homosexuals like Paglia are into bestial sex. Paglia should tell us what kind of beast p…sy she likes to eat. Dog, cat, horse, cow, pig…maybe, duck? Or maybe Ms. P thinks the Duck Fucker was only talking about the male homos?

    • Bashir you are back!

      • multi_verse

        I didn’t say Ms. P eats animal crackers, only that she eats animal pate, according to the duck dynasty.

  • kindness

    Google & read Molly Ivins article on Camille Paglia. It is the best.

  • Deleted

    This post was deleted.

  • Annie Towne

    You forgot to mention the hypo-manic motor talking. That’s my favorite part of Camille Paglia. Whenever my molars feel too high I listen to her and then grind, grind, grind those fuckers down.

  • Mickey Bitsko

    Tenure, how does that work exactly?

  • kfreed

    Awww… another Libertarian right-winger pretending to be a Democrat. Camille Paglia ain’t no Dem:) Note how these “Libertarians” are all claiming to be “left” in order to defend the tea bagging Religious Right’s bigotry at every turn (and voting them into office by the boatload)? “Civil liberties” my arse.

  • Doesn’t one have to show some evidence of thought before one can be a “thought leader”?Frankly, Paglia’s about as relevant as what’s-his-name — the Duck guy.

  • Graham Clark

    _”As we will never tire of explaining (ok, that’s a lie. We are really fucking tired of explaining this.) there is no god-given right to consequence-free speech. You can say whatever dumb ass racist homophobe bullshit you want. The government can’t stop you, but your private company can! Sorry feminists!”_Oh yes, let’s set a precedent of liberals arguing that private companies should be able to punish their workers for controversial statements made off the clock.There’s no way THAT could go wrong!_” As a gay lady feminist, I’d like to declare categorically that WE DO NOT WANT HER. We’ve thrown her back into the teeming sea of conservatroll derp. She is so not ours.”_Well, as a liberal, I’d like to categorically declare that we do not want you, for the reason already addressed, and because of your inability or unwillingness to write like somebody who has passed her thirteenth birthday.