Hopefully These Gay Black Prancing Dancing Santas Terrified And Confused Megyn Kelly To No End


Since the Megyn Kelly “hell yeah Santa is white” moment, your facebook friends have now shared funny black santa pix ad nauseam. Sure, you’ve seen snapshots of black mall santas, or black santas made from delicious chocolate, or pictures of the black dude from Elf being Santa. But you have not really lived until you’ve seen the Prancing Elites, an all-male all-gay all-dance troupe from Alabama dressed up as Sexy Santa Clauses for a parade in the tiny town of Semmes, Alabama. Were the good people of Semmes happy about this? Oh no they were not, thankyewverymuch.

Group Captain Kentrell Collins said he had every reason to believe the routine would be welcomed at the Semmes Christmas parade. After all, they were invited.

“I said we’re all over 21 and we’re guys. She was so excited. She was like I didn’t know they had any groups like that in Mobile,” Collins said.

However, Instead of applause or cheers group members said they heard lots of jeers.

Yes, the good upstanding children of Semmes, Alabama, have now been exposed to terrifying men being all black and sexy and gay and Santa and they will likely never recover.

Claudia Davis was at the parade with her daughter.

“I was outraged and appalled. I never expect anything like this at the Semmes Christmas parade,” Davis said.

Like many others in the crowd Davis felt the dance group was inappropriate.

“If they were gonna put this kind of activity in the parade, they should have notified the people of Semmes so that we had a choice whether we wanted our children to attend and see something like that,” Davis said.

Thanks, Prancing Elites. Now this white lady’s daughter will probably grow up to be a gay black man and it is all your fault.

Perhaps next year the citizens of Semmes might consider using a little thing called the google before booking acts, because some quick use of your typing fingers would have turned up info about the Prancing Elites and they would have discovered how fucking awesome they are.

Have you heard of the Prancing Elites? Well, we are an all-male, African-American gay dance team from Mobile, Alabama. We have a passion for dance that is impeccable. We may not be accepted by all of society because we are homosexual males, but the love that we have for what we do won’t stop us because someone doesn’t like it. […]

The main reason that the team was created is because boys aren’t allowed to audition for the dance teams in the school system in Mobile, Alabama. In their eyes, morally it isn’t right. So, we created our own team. If the girls are doing it, why can’t the boys do it too?

And they would have seen videos that make it pretty clear how they dress and how they dance.

Ohmygod we could not unironically love these guys more deeply. How do we go about booking them for OUR small-town parade or large-town parade or the soul-sucking hell that is the office Christmas party or even better maybe they could just come to our house and perform for our family on Christmas because that would be everything we’ve ever dreamed for on Christmas day. If we had our druthers, though, we’d probably ask them to do “Santa Baby”

…because then everyone’s heads would really asplode.

The Prancing Elites have a Kickstarter that ends soon and maybe you could not be such a Grinch this season and throw them some coin, hmmmmmm?

[Gawker/Prancing Elites Kickstarter/Fox10TV]

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  • Farb

    Jesus and Santa have been cohabilitating in a South Beach lovenest for several years. Recently they have reaffectionized their union by a renewal of vowels. Dasher– the rogue!– officiated, and Rudolph, looking primly proper in his polished nozzle, bored the rings. St Paul was present, looking confused and not in the least disambiguated, but St Peter dipped lively into the libation, and a good time was had.

  • Yep.

    Thanks Obama.

    • Zippy W Pinhead

      was Reggie Love part of the troupe ?

  • Yep.

    This parade in South Alabama was foretold many years ago by the sage Patton Oswalt:Immo miss you most of all, over-energetic Puerto Rican only wearin’ a cock sock!

  • Steve Jones

    Whoever booked them had to be doing it as a joke. How would they not know what they were getting with a group called “PRANCING Elite”?But the townfolk outrage is stupid. Of course they wouldn’t have been offended by seeing women or even young girls doing the same routine in the same outfits. I can just about guarantee the Prancing Elites were the most exciting part of the whole small town parade. The rest of the parade was probably boring as shit. These poor people, so confused by experiencing something truly exciting.

  • tegrat

    I want to book them for the Santa Barbara Solstice parade to take it back to its roots!

  • docterry6973

    That’s funny. I would have bet they’d be a big hit in Semmes, AL.

  • Enfant Terrible

    The Prancing Elites are the Tuskegee Airmen of the War on Christmas.

    • Yep.

      Oh, perfect.