Garbage Human Tech Dude Gurbaksh Chahal Still So Mad He Got Fired For Beating His Girlfriend

Garbage Human Tech Dude Gurbaksh Chahal Still So Mad He Got Fired For Beating His Girlfriend

Oh hey, Gurbaksh Chahal! We remember you! You’re the guy that’s on tape beating your girlfriend, but the cops were dumb and seized the tape improperly, so you got to plead down to a couple misdemeanors. But then your company fired you anyway. Tears4Gurbaksh. Rather than just slinking off, Chahal is fighting back by explaining NOT FAIR YOU GUYS.


Let’s go take a look at this stunning example of humanity’s website, graced with an ENORMOUS picture of Chahal, like you do, where he’s penned an open letter to the board of the company, RadiumOne, that tossed him for being a scuzzy girlfriend beater, because apparently that was a bridge too far even for a cool thought leadering synergy type of company.

First, he’s very sad about how hard this was on him, of course.

All of you were well aware of the legal matter I had been struggling with since August, just as you were aware that of the exaggerated allegations against me.

“Struggling with.” Asshole. “Exaggerated allegations.” Asshole. Just because you got to plead down to misdemeanor battery and domestic violence doesn’t make your conduct any more palatable. Should the company have kept you on because you maybe only beat your girlfriend a little bit?

Next, he’s pretty sure he only pleaded guilty because the company made him, and otherwise he would have been scot free after trial, tralalala.

Given the timing of an IPO, you began suggesting that I should not try for full exoneration with a trial, since that could take a year or more and disrupt the timing and IPO process. One approach involved getting the case to a misdemeanor plea so that we could resolve the case and focus on the IPO. You communicated this to me during several board meetings, emails, as well as conversations with my counsel.

Dude. Let’s say this part is true, for the sake of argument. All this means is that your company, also too, is a bunch of garbage people like you. But hey, keep running with that. We won’t mind reminding the world that you’re a garbage person as your threatened lawsuit drags on.

Also a SUPER good look, Chahal? Saying that people going after you on social media was a lynching. Give yourself a hand for upping your asshole game, Chahal!

The next day, I was practically lynched on social media when the local press began covering the news. Everyone seemed fixated on the initial allegations made by the DA, which were false. The decision to accept the misdemeanor plea to end this case, instead of going to trial, was proving ineffective. This was the first wave of the social media lynching.

Urm. We were kinda fixated on the fact that there’s A TAPE OF YOU DOING THE BEATING. We would be happy to come to your house and explain how getting an opportunity to plead to a lesser charge does not magically make the physical evidence of the higher charge disappear from human consciousness.

Needless to say, his former company has responded with a polite version of “whatevs. Bring it on, sucka” as they should.

“While we have not seen Chahal’s complaint of wrongful termination, such a complaint would be without merit. Gurbaksh Chahal’s own actions impaired his ability to lead RadiumOne as CEO and gave the board no choice but to terminate his employment and name a new CEO.”

Ding ding ding ding! Here’s the deal, big shooter. You beat your girlfriend. You ADMITTED to beating your girlfriend. In court. And yes, then people yelled at you on Twitter a lot. And then you yelled back, making the whole thing even weirder.


In several adamant and sometimes bizarre blogs and tweets, which were later taken down, his post also blamed the police, bloggers and pretty much everyone else. Not so much himself; Chahal essentially called his girlfriend a prostitute in the post.

And perhaps — just perhaps! — after all that your company decided that they were a bit tired of being known as the company with girlfriend-beater as its head! So then they fired you! Even if they would not have otherwise fired you had we all not taken to social media to yell at you! That is a thing that sometimes happens, Chahal, and we will not cry for you, and if you keep crying for you, we will probably take to social media yet AGAIN to yell at you all over again.

Help us break the cycle of social media violence, Chahal, by just going the fuck away. For good.


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