VIDEO: Gamera: Guardian of the Universe (1995)

Thomas celebrates World Turtle Day (yes, that’s a real thing) with a recap of the movie Gamera: Guardian of the Universe.

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  • Moppet

    Coke vs Pepsi, Marvel vs DC, Apples vs Oranges……. Dubbed Giant Monster Movies vs Subbed Giant Monster Movies. Ugh.

    Sub vs Dub arguments aside, Gamera is pretty darn awesome. Gamera bursting out of the ocean to just smack down the monster that escaped was a beautiful scene, I don’t care how old the movie is or how supposedly outdated its effects.

    The cabbie was really, really dedicated to his job, or, more likely, just completely bonkers. You know, in most movies, it’s the monster’s job to destroy Tokyo Tower. It takes a special kind of military intelligence to put giant monsters out of a job.

    I love the effects in this movie (even the CGI). The breath attacks look amazing, the final battle puts some modern attempts at giant monster battles to shame. The scope is amazing and, corny plot aside (and stock footage of the military vehicles), its a really fun giant monster romp. Fun, first and foremost. It may not be high art, but I was never bored watching this.

    Now…. about that dub. Ugh.

    • Thomas Stockel

      I was torn between using the dub and the sub. I came down on the former because of technical issues. I wasn’t sure at the time how crisp and clear the subtitles would look when I uploaded the video. It looks now thought that I’ll be able to submit higher resolution videos now. So who knows, maybe next year when I recap Gamera vs. Legion I might use the sub version.

      • Moppet

        I’ll grumble about a bad dub but not because you used it. Sub or dub is fine, the video was well worth watching, I don’t have a negative thing to say about your show so far…. just some grumpy things to say about the quality of the dub.

        I brought it up because I think dubbing practices need to improve. Maybe they have, but for every dub that works out, or the rare ones that are actually superior (Cowboy Bebop?), there is just so much more nonsense that gets through. I suppose it’s more a complaint about older dubs, as newer ones do seem to try more.

  • Gallen_Dugall

    Annoyed at having missed this video, subscribed.
    Thank you for reviewing this. I have to agree that this was the best kaiju movie I’ve ever seen, although I’ve yet to see the ’90s Godzilla films. These movies were a clear step up from the originals in every respect. As an FYI the purpose of the Gamera monsters is explained over the next two films with a surprisingly strong continuity arc, (SPOILERS!) Gamera were developed and programmed to defend their children (or at least their “future” and Gamera interpreted that as “children”) from their mistakes (pollution monsters) only one Gamera was ready in time and after the fighting only the children had survived. Their civilization ended with most evidence of its existence literally stomped out, cue recorded history to begin.
    I recommend the second and third movies as well. I loved how the second film randomly dubbed characters with bad “southern” accents (going after monsters and warned of the dangers one soldier remarks “Sir I’m married. This don’t rise to the level of what I consider trouble.”) and the monster adoring cultists and bizarre tentacle monster love story in the third one with (spoiler) the grand mambajamba of all cliffhangers.

    Again, thank you for this.

    • Thomas Stockel

      Apologies for not spotting this sooner. I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing this by this time next year, so next Turtle Day I’ll be reviewing Legion. And you’re very welcome. :)