RAW FEED: Game Grumps Part 2: Fanboy's Revengeance

Have fun in comments, folks. I shant be joining you.

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  • Joel Kazoo

    Nice video. Really laid it all out there. I don’t remember if you pointed it out in your first video, but Arin has gone on record about trying his damnedest to stop saying “gay” or “retard” in derogatory ways. I do agree with George that it’s all about context. It reminds me of a Neil Hamburger joke: “Why don’t rapists eat at TGI Friday’s?…Well, it’s hard to go out and *rape* when you’ve got a stomachache!” If people jeer that joke, Neil would immediately go “Hey, that’s not a rape joke, that’s a TGI Friday’s joke!” The fact that his schtick is he’s the world’s worst comedian cements it all together in perfect context: he’s using rape as a framing device to tell a joke about how awful the food at TGI Friday’s is. And *that* is tacky and not cool and a perfect example of how it *is* all about context. I know you’re staying out of this comment thread, but if anyone else has anything to add, go right ahead, I genuinely would like to get some other perspectives about this.

    • Nycea

      Hi Joel,

      I think Arin and the other Grumps are doing a great job. They don’t always succeed, but they do try. And I think that’s worth respecting. JonTron… not so much.

      • Joel Kazoo

        WTF? You said you weren’t joining us!? 😛

        • danbreunig

          The fact she did proves we’re special enough to be the exceptions. 🙂