‘Galaxy Quest’ Going from Big Screen to TV Series

'Galaxy Quest' Going from Big Screen to TV Series

Hey, remember the 1999 movie Galaxy Quest starring Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, and Alan Rickman?

Yes? Kinda? No, not really?

Perfect. They’re making a TV show out of it, and it’s best you don’t keep the original movie in mind in case the show turns out to be a total dud.


MTV’s Scream currently plans on sending Ghostface after the negative critics


Galaxy Quest is the latest in line of big screen movies being adapted for the silver scream–Minority Report is coming to Fox, CBS is adapting both Rush Hour and Limitless, and we already know how Scream turned out.

Answer: Not very well

Amazon Studios, who is producing the show, haven’t released any plot details. It’s unknown if the TV series will be a straight adaptation of the fictional Star Trek-esque show within a movie, pick up where the movie left off and follow the adventures of the Galaxy Quest crew as they co-star on their newly revived show with their new alien friends, or simply stretch the 102=minute plot across six seasons and a movie.

Hey, if Community can be saved by Yahoo! then anything can happen.

Basically, we don’t know anything about this show other than the film’s co-writer Robert Gordon is writing and producing the pilot and producers Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein are also involved. It’s unknown if the film’s original cast will also be involved, but it’s very doubtful. Tim Allen is busy filming his dom-com Last Man Standing for ABC; Sigourney Weaver is in talks for Avatar sequels (the James Cameron one, not The One We Shall Not Speak About); and when pressed for comment about his involvement with the upcoming Galaxy Quest show, Alan Rickman started laughing hysterically. “I’m Alan F*cking Rickman,” he said. “I’m ALWAYS booked, sweetheart. How did you get this number again?”

For now, that’s all the deets we have on the upcoming Galaxy Quest adaptation.

Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn’t just be easier to show the actual movie every week.

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